1. M

    Powerpoint to video

    How do I convert a PowerPoint file to video format? Any online tools or programmes anyone can recommend?
  2. Palfrem

    Movie playback speed on PowerPoint

    I'm putting some training slides together and have embedded some movies in the slides. When I play them outside of PP in media player or Real, they work fine, when PP is in slide show and I mouse over the movie they run at about 3 times normal speed. Any ideas please? Many thanks
  3. pammy

    PowerPoint line styles

    I'm doing a PowerPoint presentation diagram and I'm showing dependencies between activities. Rather than use usual lines and arrows I want to show the flow direction and want a line that looks like >>>>>>>>>> type - you catch my drift I'm sure. But PP doesn't seem to have one - just lots of...
  4. pammy

    Powerpoint help - pleeeeeeeeze

    Aaaaaaaargh - wouldn't you just know it - supposed to be on leave this week - hence sat at home with briefcase etc all sitting next to me with a pile of work :mad: :mad: But I'm writing up the events and outcomes of a full day's mtg last Thursday to then turn them into an action plan and want...
  5. glojo

    Powerpoint Pictures of Road Trains

    If this link works please be warned it is about 2.8mbs It certainly gives a whole new meaning to 'Long Load' Regards John the Digger And NO! This was NOT one of my moonlighting jobs :o :p :D
  6. andy_cyp


    Is it possible to upload a powerpoint presesntation directly to this forum ?? please advise
  7. BenzComander

    PowerPoint Problem Again!!

    Hi everybody, I am looking for a way of taking the slides from a PowerPoint presentation and importing them into a Word document as thumbnails. I am preparing a handout for a presentation that I want to email to all of the delegates prior to the meeting, but if I just copy and paste the...
  8. BenzComander

    Pictures for PowerPoint presentation?

    Does anybody have a favourite site to get good quality free pictures for a business PowerPoint presentation? Need pics people at work, taking part in sports etc. Cheers,
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