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    Powersteering W164

    Please can somebody tell me where i have to search for the following problem. Some times the powersteering does not work, in some cases i could not turn the steeringwheele at all. I have chech the pump and this is oke. Who have a idea where this problem comes from??? Mercedes ml 500 W164 year 2006
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    Powersteering Fluid Level and Type

    Hi My Merc 208 has low power steering fluid I think. It is the containor that sits just next to a big air pipe and its right ontop of a pump so im guessing its power steering or otherwise im stuck? i assume its not for my sequentronic box... what fluid does my car take? when i opened the...
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    Powersteering reservoir?

    On an automatic, is there a separate reservoir for the powersteering? :o
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