1. poormansporsche

    PPI Help !!

    Afternoon all, My mate "Dave" is a laid back fellow, the same cannot be said for his other half "Davina". Davina is a psyco bitch of the highest order with paranoid delusions and quite possibly homicidal tendencies. Davina has now got the bit between her teeth with her bank for one...
  2. Happytalk73

    The New PPI trend.

    Listening to Absolute Radio today and I couldn't believe my ears at an advert, I thought it was a wind up but.............. https://www.sickholiday.com The World has gone crazy. :doh:
  3. B

    BMW admit to selling hidden PPI on their finance deals.

    Interesting story here about someone finding out that their car loan through BMW had a hidden PPI payment attached. The question is does this affect MB owners? BBC Radio 4 - Money Box, Car Finance and PPI
  4. The _Don

    Best month for new car sales in more than five years '63' plates and PPI drive demand

  5. T


    Hi there first post here. Looking at an E55 in Surrey, anyone know of a good indie who would do a pre purchase inspection? Many thanks.
  6. E

    PPI Claim - Success

    Several months ago and after countless annoying calls from a PPI claims management firm, I decided to take the advice of the "money saving expert" and try this myself. Since I dont normally keep documents for longer than a year or so, it took a while to get together all the account details...
  7. brucemillar

    Financial Guru Required. PPI v PPP

    Folks I believe that I am entitled to claim back on mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance. So I duly wrote off to the lender and included all my documents etc and clearly stated my claim. I got a super fast response that stated that I had bought a Payment Protection Plan (PPP) and not Payment...
  8. A

    PPI and Compression/Leakdown tests

    Hi all I'm a newbie here..and right now I'm hunting a used 2007 W204 C200K Sport (Petrol).. I've heard it is strongly recommended to go for a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) and also compression and leakdown tests before buying any car..but that's that.. Can you guys please advise me on this...
  9. travelininstyle

    PPI - Your Help & Advise Please ?

    Hi All, I have run this question via Legalbeagles forum and not had a response,so perhaps other members can advise from their own experiences. I took out a form of PPI some 8 years ago now,as a payment protector against sickness,redundancy etc,but not linked to a mortgage - a form of Income...
  10. U

    pre-purchase MB specialist needed North Bristol

    Hi all, First post - I am about to plunge back into MB world after 6 years of Porsche V8 ownership (2 x 928s and a cayenne) Have seen a great car, but need a decent MB professional to do me a thorough PPI before I hand over any cash. Any recommendations? thanks Richard
  11. F

    NEW GUY TO THE CLUB: W126 560 sel PPI HELP!

    Hi all, I'm brand spanking new to the merc world and am looking for someone who knows w126 560 sels well and who could do a ppi for me near winchester.... Any help woudl be really great! Thanks in advance, Ferdi
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