1. BIRMA

    Today at Goodwood MM practice

    Took a few snaps of this rather nice 230SL it has done a few worldwide events too. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  2. ShyGuy

    How well does Remote Online work, in practice

    I love toys but for me they do need to have work or I will be disappointed. The new A180 I've ordered can have Remote Online for an additional cost, but how useful is this in practice and are there any obvious, or not so obvious limitations. For example, I live in a village where there is...
  3. Rashman

    Practice makes prefect...

    :crazy: 2:30 is a bit nasty! :eek: Car Crashes Drifting 1 - YouTube
  4. developer

    Guitar Practice - The Highly Strung Approach

    :D Warning - bad playing (and language). Vms_6_TSQuc
  5. grober

    Mercedes 1 and 2 in Monaco practice

    Once more Mercedes are 1 and 2 in practice with Rosberg shading Hamilton. Alonso third. Because Monaco is a circuit where passing is very difficult grid position is perhaps more crucial than most. BBC Sport - Monaco GP: Mercedes Nico Rosberg heads Lewis Hamilton
  6. A

    Royal wedding practice clip

    YouTube - T mobile royal wedding spoof :bannana:
  7. grober

    Massa injured in F1 Practice.

    Felipe Massa was airlifted to hospital following a crash at the Hungarian Grand Prix practice today. He was knocked unconscious by a piece of track debris believed to have come from the rear of Rubens Barachello's car but is not believed to be seriously injured...
  8. glojo

    McLaren fastest in first practice

    As per the title Hamilton clocked the fastest time in first practice in China Surprise, surprise he had this 'double diffuser' so obviously McLaren were prepared for the appeal being dismissed in Paris but the number two McLaren is still using the original diffuser :( Good link Edit Is it...
  9. SSBB

    Dodgy practice by MB

    I bought my C250 six months ago with one owner and full MB history, Registered January 1999 (S plate), 80,000miles. It has slight rust on all arches and significant rust on the tailgate, I went to the local stealers who told me: Yes its covered by the warranty, however, you need to own it for...
  10. C240Sport97

    Outrageous MB Parts Sharp Practice

    I have a bit of rubber trim missing on the curved bit of fixed rear window panel of my CLK .. it's about half the diameter of a straw and about 2 to 3 feet long .... So, I went in today to get a new piece. Guess what?? You have to buy the whole damn metal trim bit as well, as they don't...
  11. nickg

    Sharp practice from Ken 'Capita' Livingstone

    Paid the congestion charge last week, and luckily kept the receipt because yesterday received a PCN. Now I have to send them my receipt as proof that I paid, and hope they don't lose it............always keep your receipt!!! On a connected matter, I came across this site the other day...
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