1. M

    E320 2006 (pre facelift) parking sensors

    My car is fitted with parking sensors, but it doesn't seem to have parktronic as described in the user manual. The manual talks about lights just above the dash and in the roof lining at the rear. My car does not have these. I can't find anything in the manual about any other parking assistance...
  2. M

    E320 2006 (pre facelift) bonnet badge

    I've just purchased a 2006 (pre facelift) E320 Cdi estate. It's my first Merc and I'm loving it so far. However, my wife isn't too keen on the emblem on the front of the bonnet. Is it possible to replace that with the flat badge version? If so, where's the best place to look and are they all of...
  3. Greek God

    w211 2005 Pre Facelift

    I have a front grill and two rear light clusters (not LED) off an 05 E270 Elegance plus Audio 20 head unit and speakers if anyone is interested. sited in the NE. Any offers considered!
  4. D

    crazy price for w129 500sl pre facelift even for a minter

    1991 Mercedes-Benz 500SL - 21,102 Miles From New - FSH - Exceptional | eBay
  5. R

    Mercedes w124 pre sales checks?

    Does anybody know of a company who can do a pre-purchase inspection on a w124 I'm looking at Thanks Richard
  6. Felstmiester

    Don't see many pre facelift c63 pp's nowadays??

    Always have a gander at the c63's for sale even though I own one. Just thought I haven't seen hardly any pre facelift pp's up for sale for ages. I'm assuming they wasn't as mass produced as the facelift ppp? Or am I wrong! Just food for thought because I may be looking to have a change in the...
  7. C

    Rosen AV7900 Impacts Pre Safe

    Guys, I have just put a deposit down on an E350cdi Sport Estate which has the Rosen dvd headrest system fitted AV7900, which was a car brought to the dealer via p/x. I am being told that by MB Cardiff that they can not sell the car with those headrests fitted as it has caused a fault with the...
  8. Palmer

    W124 Grill pre facelift

    Message me!!
  9. C

    Pre order Newbie

    Hello Ladies and Gents, Just wanted to pop in and say Hello ;) I'm not yet an owner but have an order slot and potential delivery date. This is my first MB and really looking forward to the change. I look forward to conversing and hopefully become a valuable positive contributor to the...
  10. S

    Pre heater element

    Can someone tell me if the 2007 w204 has a preheater element I read the car with one of those i980 scanners and it mentioned this had a fault... Also something about footwell heat sensor faulty Can anyone point me in the right direction.. cheers all P.s. its a elegance model
  11. A

    Pre purchase inspection Manchester

    Hi all. Any recommendations for a indi ppi ideally around the Manchester area? Thanks.
  12. J

    W204 Pre Facelift AMG front bumper.

    Looking for a w204 Pre Facelift AMG front bumper. 2007-2010 with round fog lights. With PDC and headlight washer holes. Ideal color, iridium silver. But not obligatory. I don't care if its full or empty of parts. Seller must be able to ship item to Greece. If not all holes included, at least...
  13. J

    Change of gear knob and change of head rest on e250 coupe 2013 pre facelift

    Hi guys, So i have bought the amg gear knob and am in the process of changing my original mercedes gear knob over to the amg one.. I would also like to change the head rests of the driver and passenger seat at the front from plain black to the amg head rest.. is this possible? I will...
  14. G

    W210 pre facelift front wings - new in primer

    Hi all, I bought these for my car, I no longer need them. They are as new, in black primer and rust/dent free £100 the pair. Sleaford, Lincolnshire
  15. S

    W202 C250 TD How To Bypass Fuel Pre Filter

    Hi all, I have been having the usual W202 problem of difficult starting due to air getting into the fuel lines and allowing the diesel to flow back to the tank overnight. Usual thing, park it with the nose pointing downhill and it will start fine. I have replaced all the clear plastic fuel...
  16. Felstmiester

    Facelift parts for pre conversion

    Apart from the obvious. Bonnet, bumper, lights, grill. What else is needed? Also would go oem with bonnet and bumper but would go with the plug n play eBay headlights.
  17. Lee C63

    Pre facelift C63 parts for sale

    After completing the "facelift" on my C63 I now have front and rear bumpers, wings, side skirts, bonett and bi xenon lights for sale. All parts are currently on e bay but would prefer to go to forum members. If anyone is interested drop me a PM
  18. Felstmiester

    C63 Facelift and pre facelift coupe or saloon parts compatibility

    Not sure if there's been a post that's covered this or if it's ever been set in concrete? I've seen carbon goodies for sale online in the past and often wondered what will fit what. And how much difference there is between say a coupe rear spoiler and a saloon. Front splitters, rear...
  19. M

    W204 Display Cover (pre facelift)

    Hi Has anyone ever removed the cover from the display (shows radio frequency etc) that pops up when you press the button? Am wanting to slot my ipad in front of the display and the cover is stopping it tilting back far enough. Hopefully the display would still work? Thanks Mark.
  20. JoeyM88

    Facelift rear lights on on a pre w204

    Hi Can anyone tell me if the facelift rear lights are plug and play on the pre 2011 w204. My rear lights are looking a bit dated and was wondering if it would be possible? Thanks Joe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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