1. sobeus

    Predrilled or point drilled for parktronic?

    Hello i wonder if its predrilled on the bumber on a W203 FOR PARKTRONIC. so you can se exactly where to drill the holes for the parksensors. I had a Volvo XC70 before and on that one i retrofitted volvo original parktronic. And it was predrilled so the holes you should drilled came on the exact...
  2. B

    W202: why are there 2 pre-drilled holes in each corner inside the boot? (pic inside)

    This is in a '99 W202's boot area. As you can see in the picture below, there are two holes in the upper right hand corner. There are three more pairs like them in the other three corners inside the boot. They form a rectangular shape. Are them for the tie-down hooks of the cargo...
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