1. developer

    Mature And Preemptive Policing.

    This morning I left the motorway and whilst negotiating the (empty) traffic island I came up behind a dark BMW X5 As we exited the island onto the dual carriageway he remained in the outside lane. I followed him round the sweeping bend and by the time the road began to straighten we were both...
  2. jonnyboy

    Pre-emptive apology (!)

    Hi all Whilst I'm reasonably lucid I thought I'd better apologies in advance for any excessive/rambling postings over the next few months. I just got home from the hospital after having two major ankle op's which will keep me in plaster for two months and out of commission for around 4...
  3. mercmanuk

    bush changing the law to allow preemptive nuclear strikes

    read this,,11069-1776250,00.html
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