1. P

    Wanted: W124 Wheel Trim(s). Pre-Facelift

    Hello, My new (old) W124 has three, original matching wheel trims and another that is similar, but different. Does anyone have one (or four) of these, as shown in the picture, with the chrome edge to them. Cheers.
  2. B

    Prefacelift power folding mirrors

    Were power folding mirrors ever an option on pre-facelift UK cars?
  3. E

    W210 prefacelift estate doors needed

    My '98 E55 was driven into I've had the steering and suspension repaired and that's all fine I've got a pattern wing sorted, but I need to replace both NS doors. Can anyone help? ideally I want complete doors. Ebay is full of facelifted estates but the external door trims are different I...
  4. I

    W212 pre-facelift or facelift

    Hi all, I am in the market for a used E Class. Finances are restricted and I have discovered my budget can get me a low mileage (under 35k) pre-facelift a high mileage (85k+) facelift model. I intend keeping the car for several years, Which would be the best option?? Regards Ian
  5. D

    W124 Estate 7 seat complete interior (Grey pre-facelift)

    Im changing my cloth interior over to black so everything grey inside my w124 te estate is being removed at the weekend. This is a 7 seater estate. Interior could do with a clean but is good except drivers seat bolster which is worn Will sell complete for £200 or split if enough interest...
  6. brucemillar

    124 Pre-Facelift Bottom Door Trim/Strip

    Folks Does anybody know how to re-fit the plastic bottom door strip on a w124? To get it off, I undid the Torx Screw at the trailing edge of the door then pushed it upwards towards the window and it popped off. ALl good and all the clips are still in one piece. I am struggling to figure, how...
  7. poormansporsche

    Prefacelift S202 C250

    Not too many of these about - STD anyone ? 1997 CLASSIC MERCEDES C250 SPORT TURBO DIESEL, OM605, 2 PREVIOUS OWNERS, FSH. | eBay :thumb:
  8. F

    E55 AMG rear bumper for sale W210 pre-facelift

    E55 AMG rear bumper W210 pre-facelift 744 Brilliant Silver No damage or repairs From my own car removed by me and kept in storage Lost storage recently hence making back garden looking like a scrapyard Few marks here and there not perfect but I was happy to have it on my car and I'm very...
  9. F

    For Sale: E55 AMG rear bumper W210 pre-facelift

    E55 AMG rear bumper W210 pre-facelift No damage or repairs From my own car removed by me and kept in storage Lost storage recently hence making back garden looking like a scrapyard Few marks here and there not perfect but I was happy to have it on my car and I'm very fussy Trim has popped...
  10. L

    w209/CLK - Will prefacelift seats/doorcards fit facelift

    As the title. Looking to swap interior from prefacelift into my facelift. Visually to me they look the same but you never know with these things. Many thanks
  11. carat 3.6

    WTB: W124 pre-facelift grill insert

    As above, anyone got one for sale? A stray bird took mine out in the early hours this morning.:(
  12. S

    F.S. O/S (drivers) side rear light pre-facelift W211 Avantgarde

    As new condition. LED type. Can post at buyers cost or collection from near Maldon in Essex. £50. John. 07984 153009
  13. supereagle

    E Class SBC (brakes) concern on W211 pre-facelift.

    Dear all, I'm looking forward to buying a W211 (E Class) pre-facelift (2003 to 2006). I've heard that there are concerns about the Bosch SBC (sensotronic brake control) module. Should I buy a mint W211 E Class or drop the idea because of such concerns? I've also...
  14. A

    W211 facelift engines in prefacelift body

    Hi. I made the decision to replace my accord for something more comfy. I would be looking for w211 but with limited budget. I've heard the best option is to buy facelift model. However it came to my attention that they are some models around 2005 having eg. prefacelift body (no visible...
  15. F

    CLK 500 w209 pre-facelift grill star removal?

    Anyone know how it comes out? Some twist out anti-clockwise but this doesn't it would seem, the whole middle moves like it sort of could, but I can't find a way to remove anything without screwdriver time.
  16. R

    W203 (pre-facelift) parking sensor advice

    Hello all. I've been quiet for a while, but I'm back with new questions about a new car - a W203 estate I recently purchased on eBay. I am hoping to sort out some small problems and perform some upgrades - first of which is add front and rear parking sensors. I've found a donor vehicle and...
  17. Lenny63

    w204 c63 Pre-facelift v facelift

    This has probably been done to absolute death, however I would like to get owners thoughts who have had either or both to give their verdict. With the exception of aesthetics and interior, why would you buy a face-lift and how would you justify the extra cost? Is it worth it? why? I'm 30...
  18. DanMorgan

    W210 Facelift and Prefacelift Bonnets

    I need to get my facelift bonnet painted but I still need to use the car. I have access to a prefacelift bonnet, but are they the same? As in can I safely shut the bonnet without it flying up! Cheers, Dan
  19. L

    W212 Facelift Stalks on Pre-Facelift W212

    Hi All, Let me start by saying Happy New Year to everyone !:thumb: It has been a while since I have been on this forum, I joined when my wife bought a W245 B Class and I got some very helpful information at the time. I have recently bought a 2012 W212 E220 E Class. Since my purchase I have...
  20. Alex

    Pair of prefacelift LED taillights for W211

    Pair of original prefacelift LED taillights for W211 in good working order and damage free. Came off E55 AMG. £60 posted.
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