1. R

    Preglow indicator light

    Hi all, I've had a bit of an issue with the preglow indicator on my 2009 CLS which seems to come on mid-journey now and then. The first time was after about 150 miles of a motorway journey had been done and it kep coming on/going off for the remainder of the journey (anoth 75 miles). It now...
  2. alky

    Sprinter Preglow indicator light

    I have been chasing an electrical issue on my 1998 Sprinter 410D LWB (once a bus now a motor home) for some time now. The glow plug indicator light never comes on for more that a fraction of a second at switch on although the Glow plug relay and the glow plugs themselves are working fine and the...
  3. O

    preglow indicator lamp comes back on

    Hi Folks, First thing in the morning the preglow indicator lamp on my 55 reg W203 C320 diesel illuminates after the engine has started. I can start the engine from cold in the normal way. However, once the engine has started the lamp then comes back on for about a minute before it goes out...
  4. B

    P1482 Preglow Control Module (N14/2)

    I have the above error code coming up on my 1999 Vito bus. Please can anybody tell me where to find the control module and how to test it. The glow plug light is staying on all the time, I hope it's not the glow plugs as they are stuck in and it means a "head off" job. This is our family vehicle...
  5. E

    Preglow problem

    Hi all I have a 1999 212Diesel La Strada Campervan, based on a Sprinter body. When the ignition is switched on the preglow light comes on as normal and then goes out briefly when the engine starts up. It then comes on again permanently. Any ideas of why this is happening would be gratefully...
  6. Mactech


    The pre-glow warning light had started staying on after fire up on my 2008 320ML. I have had a few spurious warnings with this car so as the function was fine I left it until yesterday to pop in the dealers and have it plugged in. “Pre-glow on number six is playing up" they said. They had a new...
  7. Gareth

    W211 Pre-Glow Light

    A recent problem I have noticed with the car: The manual says turn the key to the ingnition position and wait for the pre-glow light to go out before starting the engine. I do that, the light goes out I start the engine. Then, moments later the pre-glow light comes back on for a few...
  8. D

    pre-glow indicator

    HI! 03-53 reg C220CDI, the pre-glow indicator is coming back on after the engine has started and stays on for up to a minute. Does anyone know why, thinking maybe the glowplugs are worn out? please anyone, help, Thanks
  9. P

    preglow warning light

    I have 1999 E220cdi, recently after starting the engine, the preglow light comes on and stays on for a minute or so and then the light goes off. every time I switch on the car this happens. any explanation?
  10. V

    Vito preglow light problems !

    Hi, I was wondering if any of you guys can help, here go's when i switch the ignition on the preglow light does NOT come on but as soon as i start the engine then it comes on for about 30ish seconds then goes off ?? Any ideas anyone ? :cool: ive read up on other threads but they all say...
  11. jjoe

    W202 C220 CDI preglow light oddity

    Hello folks, Could anyone advise me as to possible cause or advice for odd behaviour of the preglow warning light on my 1999 W202 C220 CDI. I turn on the ignition and on come all the usual console lights including the preglow waring light. After a few seconds the preglow warning light goes out...
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