1. sarah.grandon

    Mot prep

    Hello lovelies.,, well MOT booked for tomorrow.,, for CLK 320 CDI, first try of local inde, any tips for anything I can prep before the big day when you dread the phone ringing.. [emoji33] x Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. gr1nch

    Prep for a new, built (but undelivered) car

    Hi folks, If you have tips, what worked for you or do's and don'ts, please share. This is my first Mercedes and I'm buying a new car, also for pretty much the first time. So it's an exciting process, which I've seen many members here have felt too. For me the wait is, so far, 4 months out of...
  3. Alex225

    E-Class Winter Prep

    Well since I had the day to myself I thought I'd get in there early with a winter prep and proper tidy up of my E-Class. The car wasn't overly dirty as was cleaned last week anyway... Gave the car a covering of Valet Pro Citrus Pre-Wash and left to dwell for a few minutes while i...
  4. Andrew W

    A few more pics after more prep E55

    Getting there ..
  5. M

    EGR blank and re-map prep

    Hi all - I have scoured Google and the forums for 3 days now but don't seem to actually be able to find someone that has done and egr blank on a C220cdi and then mapped out the errors - is it simply not possible? Seen a few posts that talk about some fancy electronic dummy egr and resistance...
  6. merc85

    Prep s211 for the Meet tomorrow

    Gave the s211 i good clean this afternoon after work ready for tomorrows meet show n shine. :D
  7. M

    W203 phone prep

    Hi my W203 has the two phone buttons on the steering wheel is there an easy way to use them with a Bluetooth module for an Iphone?
  8. D

    COMAND and phone prep

    sorry if covered elsewhere Looking at a 2009 W211 Avantgarde with command, no mention of phone prep or b/tooth. Anyone know if phone connectivity is a given on this? Cheers
  9. R

    Bluetooth mobile phone prep not working

    Hello all Whenever i press he phone button on my command unit it says no phone but there is no settings to connect a phone.. Is there a part i need, does the car not come standard fitted with all i need to connect my phone or do i need to buy something extra..please help Chassis number...
  10. Cyclone1

    Billy-CLS55 Boost Leak Reduction Prep for Eurocharged Dyno Day - How To...

    Hi, Billy posted on the Eurocharged thread a different approach to preparing his car for a remap by Jerry, this included a few checks to ensure his car was suffering from minimal if no boost leaks, plus a few other jobs to complete preparation. Quite a few questions have been asked with regard...
  11. M

    Do I need phone prep?

    This may be a daft question, but do I need to order telephone pre-wiring for my new SLK if I want to use a phone via COMAND online/steering wheel buttons, or does Bluetooth connectivity supersede the need for pre-wiring (with compatible devices)?
  12. P

    Phone Prep W 211 E-Class

    I have just purchased an 03 plate E-Class and it doesn't appear to have the socket under the armrest for a phone. Although it does have the TEL buttonon the stereo. My previous C Classes had this and I thought it was standard. I used to take the phone cradle out and put a bluetooth module in...
  13. D

    Body panel prep

    Hey all. Im taking delivery of two used wings for my w126 and before they go off to clive to be painted, i thought id do some prep on the otherside, to ensure the tin worm doesnt stand a chance. Anyone able to shed any experience on the best approaches/products i should be looking at, or...
  14. michaelk3289

    Winter prep for my w124 e320 estate

    Hi Guys i have just had a lube service and gearbox servivce on my 94 e320 estate what other jobs can be done and what shoould be checked to assist it through the winter many thanks Michael
  15. M

    How to prep a plastic bumper for spraying

    I've picked up used front a rear bumpers with the intention of using these as part of the process of mono-toning my W124 and thought I may as well have a crack at prepping them myself. having sanded back all of the gauges and scrapes, there are still some fairly shallow scratches in the sanded...
  16. jimmymidnight

    Phone prep

    How do I know if my CL has phone prep? thanks
  17. Simon_M

    Prep for Winter

    Well after 3 days worth (on and off between mowing the lawn and going to the pub) I have got the car ship-shape for winter: 3 Coats of Swissvax 'shield' wax, 4 on the roof/bonnet/front wings and bumper. Wheels off and 5 coats of Poorboys wheelseal to the front calipers and 4 coats inside/out...
  18. comports

    W209 Phone prep

    Hi All, I've noticed that my new (2003) CLK Cab has a nokia phone connection in the centre arm console and would probably work via the comand system but would like to know if it's possible and how much to change this for a bluetooth version so my iPhone will work with comand/via the dash...
  19. dvb247

    C Class 2004 facelift Phone prep??

    My wifey has a Nokia 5800 xpress music mobile, she wants the phone buttons on the steering wheel to work and have the hands free etc, what bit do we need to get this Merc setup? is it a bluetooth kit from Merc? As I have said the phone buttons are already on the wheel so some of it is...
  20. horsesuitedfool

    Do all recent cars have phone prep?? What is needed??

    My girlfriend is picking up her C220 CDI Coupe this weekend 56 plate but I didn’t see a phone ariel on the back in the pic, do you know if they all have phone prep and just need a connector for the armrest etc or could there be more to it?? Cheers...
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