1. R

    nurburgring 2015 trip car preparation

    Hi all Me and 2 other members are going to the Nurburgring in June so Ive done a bit to my w202 hopefully to make it handles better than last year Here is what I did Michelin pilot sport cup tyres with team dynamics pro race wheels with this set up iam saving 8kg per corner over my...
  2. astamir

    Winter preparation

    Hi guys Going to prepare for a winter and looking for a rust treatment before I spray any stone chips or under seal paints Anyone knows what can I use to remove the rust under the arches and under the door sills? Any suggestion would be very much appreciated Thanks
  3. I

    Preparation of a car for sale.

    For health reasons it's time for me and my SL to part. Very sad. Obviously I want the best price for it but equally I want it go to a good home. To that end, and because of my health what I would really like is someone to prepare the car for sale and to write a nice advert. I currently have...
  4. cjab98

    Winter preparation

    After getting stuck in the snow last year as soon as one snowflake appeared, I'm debating several options on what to do this year. Choices are between getting a cheap FWD banger with longish MOT and good tyres to go through the winter then flog it off afterwards, or get a set of winter tyres...
  5. N

    New C Class - Phone Preparation

    Hi, I've just ordered a new C Class Sport estate. I understand they all come with Bluetooth, but mine also has "phone preparation" as an option. My local stealers tell me it makes phone integration "better" which is really helpful (not). Can anyone tell me exactly what "phone preparation" is...
  6. turbominor

    Preparation for a new windscreen

    have just spent an unpleasent hour picking slivers of glass off the front of my c180 after autoglass fitted a new windscreen this afternoon ( fantastic service and done in 1hr) here's my tip if you park anywhere near trees that drop sap on to your car make sure you wash it well before you...
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