1. Giantvanman

    In a non-political way, Prescott banned from driving

    Banned on totting up/accumulating more than twelve points, the latest offence for 60mph in a 50mpg limit... John Prescott banned from driving for speeding in Jaguar - Telegraph Of course, it would have been more serendipitous if it was on the M4 and in the bus lane. Not the first time he...
  2. Willsco

    SL500 at Prescott Hill Speed Climb (Charity Day)

    Some shots from recent charity day at Prescott Hill Speed Climb in Gloucestershire.. Click on menu item - "Prescott Hill Charity Day"
  3. B

    Retro-Rides Gathering, Prescott Hillclimb Sunday 19th August

    I just thought I'd give this a mention, seeing as there are seemingly one or two Retro-Rides members on here besides myself. 2012 will mark the fifth anniversary of 'The Gathering', which moved to its' new home at the glorious, history-steeped Prescott Hillclimb venue last year after...
  4. Satch

    John, Baron Prescott of Kingston upon Hull

    Somebody has already been hard at work on his Coat of Arms....:D The Lakelander's View: The Prescott Coat of Arms revealed
  5. L

    The Prescott Hillclimb Drivers School GTG/Fun Day

    Thought I would float this as an idea for a GTG/day out in the Summer, I will be doing some form of track activity so ideas welcome. This is great for people you want to have a great fun day but not buy a new set of tyres at the end of it. The floor is yours ladies and gents, what do you...
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