1. w124nut

    A present for my car

  2. ringway

    A Birthday Present for Mrs Ringway.

    Mrs Ringway will be 50 in a few weeks time. Earlier today, I was in one of the big stores and saw something that I just had to have. A nice presentation case. She a girl that has always liked exclusivity and I'm sure she'll be out on her own and the centre of attention when she...
  3. D

    Pictures of cars. Past and present.

    Just though this would be a nice place to post pictures of cars you like. Either off the net or your own photos of your own car. Ant.
  4. D

    Boys Christening Present

    My cousin has asked me to be Godfather to his boy child. Ideas on a present? I'd like something with longevity I'm stumped apart from giving him my w124!!! (Which ain't happening) Any ideas most appreciated
  5. Londonscottish

    Early Christmas Present

    At 135,451 miles my 2005 S211 just sailed through yet another MOT. The only advisory was a slightly worn lower balljoint which I knew about anyway. All ready for it's next road trip to Dorset. Happy Christmas one an all :-)
  6. H

    Xmas present idea

    I'm trying to decide who I could give this book to
  7. K

    12v present, lamp ok but does not light? Interior vanity mirror

    This is a strange one: Both my sun visors have a vanity mirror and the light in the roof lining comes on, but only on the drivers side? Swapped both lamp holders around although both do work on the drivers side only and both bulbs work fine. Both sides have 12v+ present when the flap is...
  8. markjay

    For Classic Alfa Owners (past and present...)

    4-Electrodes Lodge 2HL Spark Plugs.... this is the history behind them: Sir Oliver Lodge e le candele Golden Lodge (Google Translate will help)
  9. Richiebuoy

    Christmas present swap shop

    We all get Christmas presents that we don't really want but could be valuable to somebody else so I thought I would start a swap shop. I'll start with mine. I have 2 bottles of homemade Ginger Beer with hand painted labels and I'm looking for a Sony Play Station 4.
  10. Giantvanman

    Most pointless or useless Xmas present thread

    This is not me being ungrateful, far from it. I am merely pointing out the deficiency in the thought process when I open the bid with:- Aftershave………..I have a full beard and have had one for more than twenty years. On the bright side, it'll fill that space in the drawer next to the other...
  11. M

    A Christmas Present for The Boys Merry Christmas :D
  12. jamesfuller

    Xmas present for myself

    I'm very excited! :bannana: I have wanted one of these for a while, I think originally Charles Morgan put the idea in my head so will blame him. I'm going to pick her up tomorrow, it will mean spending a few hours in an Audi to get there! I've even managed to tax it with no problems...
  13. J

    Tyre Pressure sensors not present?

    W212 125 Edition. I have swapped out the AMG 18" for winter tyres (Mercedes 17"). Now my car is saying the monitor is inactive as there are no sensors. Am I being thick, but doesn't it function when the wheels are rotated or did the AMG's have an external sensor? :confused: I'm a bit...
  14. R

    Spark Present but not when Cranking w111

    Hope one of you gents can shed light on this problem. I am trying to test a 220 engine from a 1964 220SE w111. I'm using the electrics from another old Merc to supply the spark. So, I've basically wired up the starter and coil from the other car. I find that I can see a spark on the plugs when...
  15. yorkshiregit

    Price reduced SLK registration, great christmas present!

    S783 SLK down to £150 + fees, mot expires in two weeks, cost £500 minimum on registration sites, great christmas present.
  16. guydewdney

    Present ideas - 65, mum, indulgent?

    Mum - outdoors type, 65 birthday pressie, into fly fishing (salmon and trout), shotgun shooting (pheasant and clay), bridge (cards), not into 'spa' days, but has had an 'annus horribilis' and is in the mood of 'not spending on herself' (quote the husband). No 'predicure' etc stuff as she doesnt...
  17. D

    is this real sl60 and hat do people think of price for its present condition

  18. John Jones Jr

    Stored codes, that didn't clear but no fault present?

    Guys, Had the ECU on my W202 checked today for stored codes, there was several there but all cleared and didn't return, except: BAS code C1025-003 ''Fault in CAN communication with control unit N47-7 (ABS module). If no customer complaint exists, the fault can be erased. code B1040...
  19. M

    A small present from us to to MBCLUB members:)

    Hi guys I have wrote a couple of emails to the mods now, with interest on taking on the sponsorship of the detailing forum. As you may know I'm a good friend and sometimes work closely with them as we are now a Gyechniq authorised application studio. If the mods see this I would love to hear...
  20. s88

    the present engine and gear box range

    Had the E 320cdi in for service today and got to looking around. We are tempted to downsize, to a C, ( kids, 21 and 18 rarely go in). Have couple of nice E 220cdi in Doncaster, especially the designo blue, sadly with light interior. Indigolite blue also has light interior. But think these...
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