1. S

    Did anyone get any xmas presents for their Mercedes?

    I got a dash cam for mine, so will be busy fitting it over the Xmas period
  2. ringway

    Christmas Presents for youngsters. What have you bought?

    Just got these for Christmas for my Nephew. Can't wait to see his face. I don't believe in spoiling children, so didn't get any of the accessories shown below. It will be fun for him to save up and get these one at a time throughout the year. :thumb:
  3. Reggie-rock

    What's the best and the worst Christmas presents you've been given?

    It all happened one Christmas when I was about 8 years old. The best was a Corgi model of a Mark 10 Jaguar in red and the worst was a leather football which is a sport I have never liked or played.
  4. Koolvin

    Christmas Presents - Deals!!!

    Post any deals here... I'll start with a superb deal 4 x 255ml Glass Whiskey Wine Tumblers & Square Glass Decanter Bottle Boxed Set £10 including postage!! 4 x 255ml Glass Whiskey Wine Tumblers & Square Glass Decanter Bottle Boxed Set | eBay
  5. Bobby Dazzler

    Presents from Santa - who are they from?

    A conversation today made me curious about the presents Santa brings, and where or who they come from. So in your family traditions, who are the presents from? Wishing you all, and your loved ones, a very Merry Christmas.
  6. Satch

    Early unwanted Christmas presents

    In the shape of meetings without coffee or biscuits and letters telling me and most others in my department that wef from 28th December our employment is terminated because our division is being closed down. Those who remain will be covering "legacy" business and will be gone before 2013 is out...
  7. gaz_l

    Christmas presents..

    This was the one that gave me the most difficulty this Christmas.. But it was well worth the effort, as what I got in return was a fiancee :bannana: Cheers, Gaz
  8. Mactech

    Easter presents

    It seems both my Mercs have got easter presents. I had been looking for some time for something to give the interior of the E Class a little lift as the black leather and dark wood seemed little gloomy after the previous light grey car. It is very practical though:) Managed to get these...
  9. glojo

    Christmas Presents

    How many of us got Jeremy Clarkon themed gifts for a Christmas present?:o Regards John the proud owner of the World According to Jeremy Clarkson Volumes 1 & 2
  10. F

    What presents did you get...?

    I did not get anything BUT am treating myself to a 52 plate W215 CL500 in January as my second car for a little while...:) :bannana: So what did you guys all get that was car related...? :) PS. My second present that I will be buying myself is a set of face lift rear lenses for the CL.
  11. hitt

    Barry's Bargain Basement Presents . .

    Bag a bargain at Barry's Bargain Basement . . Lower your pimped up ride on a budget! bidding begins at 99p . . Barry's Lowering Kit Will get you're RS Turbo look-a-like low down to the ground and special effect sparks are guaranteed as your exhaust scrapes on the many traffic calming...
  12. Satch

    Christmas presents

    Discounting the usual dross and proper pressies, the ones which made me smile were: Book of the "Worst Jobs in History" series (I can identify with that) Pair of "My Best Friend" socks from the dogs. (They owe me several socks each) Pedals. Yes, those ones. The ones I got my wife to...
  13. Satch

    Worst Christmas presents

    Results of a survey by Experian: From the family Brown velvet bow-tie A nightie and neglige set from mother in law. PVC peg bag An electric razor (I have had a beard since I was 17). Fruit and nut bar From the beloved Flat stomach diet plan book (Rosemary Conley) from my now ex...
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