1. markjay

    Fidel Castro, Cuba's former president, dead at 90

    Fidel Castro, Cuba's leader of revolution, dies at 90
  2. smoothrider

    Ukraine President's W126

    just a glimpse i wonder who bagsied it BBC News - Ukraine crisis: Protesters seize 'ex-president's son's cars'
  3. H

    Polish President

    So, for anyone who doesn't yet know, the Polish president, the 1st lady, army chief of staff, head of Polish national bank, possible presidential candidates and 85 other Polish political and military leaders have been killed this morning, when their Tupolev crashed in Russia on their way to...
  4. Kinky

    Kinky for US President

    OK OK - my secret is out ...... Looks like I'll be busy over the coming few years. You have to watch the video. And I should stress that the 2 grannies are not related to me
  5. Godot

    A future AMERICAN President :bannana::bannana::bannana::crazy::crazy::rock::rock::crazy:
  6. SimonsMerc

    IAM President receives driving ban for speeding

    "The Duke of Gloucester who is president of the Institute of Advanced Motorists has been banned from driving for six months for speeding."
  7. R

    Any President Bush fans.

    Link Enjoy. Cheers Ian
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