1. clk320x

    Are pressed plates legal?

    After much conflicting information online I thought I would ask this question here.. After seeing the pressed plates some members on here (mainly David :bannana:) have I am really interested in getting a set.. These are the ones I am looking at METAL HYDRAULICALLY PRESSED EMBOSSED CAR...
  2. V

    Brake light fuse blows when pedal NOT pressed! (pics)

    Hi guys please help, If I keep brake pedal pressed & start engine all is fine but soon as let go of brake pedal the fuse blows, no brake lights & EPS + ASR light on! The Yellow/Black wire on brake light switch is return signal telling system pedal is Not being pressed but is shorted to...
  3. S

    W169 A-class ESP light comes on when brake pedal pressed

    Hi, Having a real torrid time with this car. We spent over £1k fixing the gearbox bearings and ECU. Now a year later the ESP light (and engine management light) comes on when you hit the brake pedal for the first time after engine start. It then goes into limp mode max speed 30mph. MOT...
  4. csx355

    Just Pressed the Button on a new Vito Sport 119 Crew

    Been a while since I have been in 'New Van Mode' - waiting for the 2015 Vito crew bus (old Dualiner) then had to wait till they launched the Sport model. 1st production run in October - mine is now in the system 7speed auto box in Indium grey - with options - cant wait!!
  5. E

    Pressed metal gaskets

    Hi there Just a general question about embossed metal gaskets. Does It matter which way they face. Thanks EMH
  6. BIG_G_1979

    aluminum pressed number plates

    Hi guys thinking of getting a set of aluminium pressed number plates but before I order I want to know if any of u guys have a set of their merc? I want to know if its ok to bend the front plate to suit the pointy nose of my w211 thanks in advance Ebay # 321445320196
  7. 24karrat

    German pressed plates

    Ordered some Alu pressed plates, definitely can appreciate the front bumper a lot more & linear-age at the rear. What you guys think?
  8. billywhiz

    First time i've pressed this button - er since I owned the car - WOW

    driving down through the A34 - what a difference. :) Never thought of pressing it before :doh:
  9. flango

    WARNING Pressed Metal Plates

    A Heads up for you all and seeing as there is a group buy for the above in progress. This afternoon I took a customers E430 back to him after we had serviced it, during this journey I was stopped by one of our finest constabulary. He appeared at the window and enquired if I knew why he had...
  10. npuk

    Forum Group Buy - German Style Metal Pressed Numberplates

    Looking to organise a group buy for the german style metal pressed numberplates supplied by Elite Car Care. They are usually £39.00 delivered for a pair. If we get at least 10 orders we will get them for £35 delivered per pair. These plates are 100% Road Legal, and they come with a BS AU...
  11. Mobb

    Pressed aluminum German style number plates..

    Are they legal? I saw a BMW M3 with them on today.. Got me thinking.. Example here > Close up >
  12. P

    Dubmeister pressed plates group buy!

    Disclaimer - I am not associated with this company and am gaining NOTHING from this groupbuy, I just want to get pressed plates for cheap :) I've started this groupbuy on another forum. But I'm extending it to MBUK since we have not managed to get 20 people yet and I am eager to order soon...
  13. E

    Squeaking stops when brake is pressed.

    I had new pads and discs fitted all round on my 1995 C180 but perhaps it's because of the dry weather I now have a more than occasional squeaking which is heard at low speed until I tweak the brake pedal and it immediately stops. Do you think this will be fixed with copper grease on the back of...
  14. H

    Pressed metal number plates

    Both number plates need replacing on the W123 - They're both acrylic, (without the GB logo) but are cracked and faded. I want to replace them with pressed metal ones. They suit the cars age. Still yellow/white, but using the pre 2001 font - like the yellow one in the photo. Technically, I...

    C250 revs drop when brake pressed ??

    I have noticed that when I press the brake pedal on my C250 turbo automatic that the engine revs drop, whether it's driving or ticking over! Does anyone with a C250 auto have the same problem? I suspect it could be the vacuum pipes - but with so many I don't know where to start! Any help...
  16. KillerHERTZ

    Metal pressed (legal) numberplates

    According to the link, they are now legal Discovered you can get them via the shops on this site HERE I remember Shude commenting on how we should be able to have metal plates :)
  17. BAABU

    W211 Front N/S Brakes Creak When Pressed

    I have a 03 E220 CDi which appears to make a creaking sound from the front N/S brakes everytime the brakes are pressed. It's most noticeable when moving along in slow traffic. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.
  18. Paul

    Doh, I've pressed a wrong button.

    Being a complete turnip when it comes to computers, can someone plase tell me how to correct this problem: Although I have no problem surfing the net, If I click on a link that someone has added to a post, I get a new window like I should but that's it. The new window is empty. Nothing...
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