1. G

    C63 amg detailed by prestige detail luton

    Car built by Adam Lord of Arl coachworks Detailed by Presige Detail in Derek
  2. G

    Prestige detailing luton c63

    Car built by Arl coachworks ,,,Adam Lord Detailed by Derek at Prestige detail in luton Check out facebook page for Prestige detail in luton gtechnix crystal and exo top coat
  3. sssammm

    Prestige & MSL

    Getting my C63 secondry cats and a remap done next week, recommendations for anything else that wont throw codes?
  4. BlackC55

    Prestige Car Service youtube channel.

    Hi, I have not been on here for a while and I have been slacking as I do enjoy helping you lot out if I can. I have been so busy with the workshop and the other business that I have just not had time to be as active as I would like. The Benz on The Green event also takes a huge amount of time...
  5. Lenny63

    CLK63 black - prestige auction Belfast

    Rare find around these parts Vehicle Detail | City Auction Group
  6. ash59fifty-uk

    Prestige Auto Lounge

    As above, business in Coventry Anybody purchased any cars from here? Mixed reviews on Facebook, stock looks quite nice but thought I'd ask on here. Only a mile away from the missus' house so I may take a look when it's open
  7. A

    Prestige Car Servicing

    Hi, After so many reviews, I decided to book my next car service with PCS and I realised car service is being done by a local garage in Alperton called Auto Serve. they are not Mercedes specific Is it normal, you book your car with a company and they pass to someone else and get...
  8. R

    Prestige Car Service Thank you

    I finally got to see and drive my new to me W163 ML320 this morning. :) I just want to say a big, HUGE, MASSIVE, THANK YOU! to the guys at PCS Horndean, especially Graham and Olly. Not even having seen the car, and having to rely on repair estimates over in another country is not always the...
  9. BlackC55

    R129 Buyers guide Pt1 By Turnbull & Oliver and Prestige Car Service

    Hello all. Myself and Glenn (my business partner in sales) are putting together some helpful videos for buyers of 129's. This is our first video so bear with us.....:thumb: I cant believe how chubby I look. The sound is not that good but we have improved with our second video that is...
  10. C43AMG

    Prestige Car Service ++++++++

    I would like to thank PCS especially Graham. I had a slight knocking coming from the front, thought it could be engine or gearbox mounts, found out they had changed them last year :o. Graham started to lift the car to check for the problem when he noticed the O/S Air Shock/ Strut was leaking...
  11. V

    Help getting money back from Prestige All Parts Ltd

    Hello all Might be a bit of a long winded one this, but have been having some serious problems with these cowboys and short of going around there with a van full of lads im not too sure what else to do. But basically, ordered and paid for an engine on Thursday 15/10/2015. Was to be delivered...
  12. W

    Prestige car specialists

    Took my c class for its B service to the guys at Glasgow prestige car specialists, in Govan , B service and gear box done. Car feels great to drive again. Cracking service at half the price Mercedes quoted me for the B service plus gear box service they should of done years ago on the car. Would...
  13. R

    Prestige Car Services

    I have to thank Olly for helping me out big-time yesterday with an electrical problem which took out my indicators, door locks and windows. He knew exactly what the problem was and it was sorted in a matter of minutes. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you Olly! :D
  14. BlackC55

    Happy Christmas from all of us at Prestige Car Service.

    I would like to thank all of MBClub for the support. Let's make 2015 on MBClub the best year ever. Olly Jack Graham Natacha Karen
  15. S

    You might have heard it all before, Prestige Car Service, Horndean, Hampshire

    Just had our 2k CLK320 Cab into their shop after I popped stuff while changing a battery. Fantastic service from them identifying and replacing the MAF at short notice, and at a price way below my expectations. Cannot recommend them enough.
  16. C43AMG

    A1 ++++++++++++++ Service

    Took the S-Class to Olly's for it's first Non Dealership Service. Picked the car up new from Stuttgart Jan 2008. Has been with MB Brooklands ever since. It's a 500L with AMG Kit + 20" AMG wheels and lots of options. It's done 110,000 miles and needed a "B" Service + a few extra's...
  17. L

    Prestige Car Service (PCS) - Horndean

    Just wanted to give another thumbs up to the guys working at PCS - especially Graham this time. Had my CLK in last month for a B service. Borrowed the courtesy car (can't believe its only a fiver!) and took my wife shopping - that was the expensive bit. Anyway, Graham serviced the car and...
  18. Ant-toe-knee

    FAO Prestige car service

    What's the difference in ride height on the W211 saloon avantgarde and sport ? Plus cost wise to lower my avantgarde what I'm I looking at. I also have the W211 18" sport alloys on it.
  19. donshl

    Prestige Car Diagnostics

    Would just like to say massive thanks to Andy for helping me to sort out the alternator problems and managing to fit me into his busy schedule to fit my alternator on a Saturday morning. Would highly recommend :thumb: PCD
  20. donshl

    PCD- Prestige Car Diagnostics

    Would just like to say massive thanks to Andy for helping me to sort out the alternator problems and managing to fit me into his busy schedule to fit my alternator on a Saturday morning. Would highly recommend :thumb: PCD
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