1. S

    w123 200 oil presure gauge, what is normal?

    hi first tech question, my oil pressure needle just lives at the top of the gauge occasionally it drops to the middle when warm and coasting, is this a sign of leaky gauge, if so that would or something like a blocked breather thanks
  2. french

    Presure drop

    The airmatic pump is acting up , few weeks back it was saying taking to long to reach pressure(F/code) so I bought the new gasket & piston ring kit from Ebay...then it showed a code which was saying it was taking to long to release the air:doh: Then I did a test for vehicle height & it did not...
  3. johns E350

    Air presure

    An anyone tell me what the tyre pressure should be front and back on an E350 coupe (2009) SE as it don't say in the owners manual ????
  4. A

    How to reset tyre presure warning on dash?

    Hello My Wifes B class has a tyre presure monitor system and this flashed up 'check tyres' so I did and one needed a little air. How do I reset the system without reseting the millage / trip part. I'm waiting for the garage to send a B class owners manual as in the pack was a A class...
  5. n1ckyp

    2.5-16 cosworth fuel presure regulator

    i am haveing problems with my cozy, i recently changed the fuel presure regulator because it had a internal fuel leak from it, and the car used to not idle after it became warm, the leak stoped but still not idleing, any ideas????
  6. n1ckyp

    fuel presure regulator 2437020007

    i am having trouble finding a part for my cosworth, i beleive it is called a fuel presure regulator or govenor, bosch unit with the number 2437020007 then in large number 946, any ideas where to get this unit? i have been quoted 275 plus vat , any idea on bosch numbers.
  7. turbominor

    where is my oil presure light!?!?

    My 96 C180 does not appear to have and oil pressure light, I have read the book from cover to cover and checked the dash, all I apear to have is a oil level light. Any one know if the oil level light doubles up as an oil pressure light
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