1. M

    Can I bypass Collision Prevention Plus W212

    Hi I have a 2015 W212 E220 AMG Night Edition Estate that has been in a collision. I purchased it minus the front bumper. Having mad a start on the cosmetic repairs it refuses to start calling out the collision prevention sensor.. This I don't have and have been told it is available only from...
  2. S

    Collision Prevention Assist CPA - just beeps alot

    Hi Everyone, has anyone else experienced and solved issues with CPA in the later big Mercs? I've got a 63 plate GL 63 and any metallic object on the left hand side of the road causes the CPA to think I'm going to have a crash and overtaking on a Dual Carriageway or Motorway is just a...
  3. C

    C124 - Rust prevention!

    Guys, I recently had my 124 fully painted. Both front wings were replaced and the driver side rear arch was stripped back to metal and expertly were 2 jacking points, the rear light cluster and a few other bits. So...i want to keep it rust free as long as possible. I know...
  4. G

    Prevention for Clear Coat Peeling?

    A little bit of clear coat is starting to peel on my trunk lid. I know there isn't a simple cure to fix what's already come off, but what kind of steps can I take to maintain the rest of the car and to prevent this from happening a few years down the line to larger areas like the head and roof...
  5. NW_Merc

    Speeding prevention

    Magnus samuelsson drar en spinningbil bakåt som gör burnout framåt =) - YouTube :D
  6. A

    Colour fading - prevention?

    I know its not an MB (it wouldn't be, because generally MB paints don't fade), but my mum's honda is shiny red all round except the roof. Its beginning to fade and its quite obvious. Is there any known methods/products out there to prevent this?
  7. BillyW124

    Under Body Rust Prevention for my 124..advice needed

    Guys, I'm thinking of taking my 124 to these guys: Mercedes C Class AMG They use the WAXOYL product and i think its worth doing to the underbody of my 124. ive had a gander many a time under there and looks pretty neat for a 1995 reg. however there are some area's that i feel may need...
  8. M

    Corrosion prevention

    Can anyone recommend a Waxoil specialist in the Bournemouth or Poole area. I would like to have my ML270 treated before this winter sets in. Mikey B
  9. 300CE

    Corrosion Prevention - Dynax S-50 from Bilt Hamber

    Have just bought some of this in order to halt the rust from spreading on the wings of my 300CE. I will eventually get them replaced/repaired once i have the funds available, but hopefully this stuff will hold the dreaded tin worm at bay in the meantime. Not to sure whether any of you chaps...
  10. R

    W126 500SE rust prevention for bumpers?

    The stainless steel(?) brightwork on my front and rear bumpers is mint with no rust bubbles etc. I believe this is a known rust problem area of this car - the rust comes through from the inside out. Is there anything one can do to prevent this happening? I have had car waxoyled but wasn't...
  11. steve333

    rust prevention?

    Hi all,read a few threads on here regarding w208 rust problems(mostly seem to be around arches/headlamp surounds/boot locks)seing as i own a 2002 w208 is there any precautions i can take before the almost inevitable rust starts to appear?
  12. P

    Paint Protection Film 101 (Stone Chip Prevention)

    HI Guys Given the various discussions on the board about stone chips , I thought you might find a few pointers about paint protection film in general, the process and its benefits and limitations, helpful when making your decisions about whether to do this or not on your vehicle. I have...
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