1. E

    EO12 soc - Previous owners

    Hi I have recently bought the above car but the service record is missing, its had one main dealer service in 2013 the rest would be independant, the last owner has had it since new and just wondering if any one recognises this Any help would be much appreciated
  2. R

    Mercedes current and previous. Which do you prefer?

    I have to say I'm pretty disappointed by the current Mercedes range in terms of styling. The only current model I like is the C Class Saloon AMG Sport model, A Class and CLS AMG Sport. The new E Class Sport is growing on me but I still think the previous face lifted E Class is smarter. The new...
  3. C

    C43 fan hoping to contact a previous owner

    Hi there, I'm an MB fan based near loughborough, have two beautiful cars I'm very proud of (that I hope are attached as images?), both c43's, one 1998 and one 1999, my blue saloon was I beleive a former mb press car (I'd love to speak to a former owner I think is on here) and the estate is...
  4. A

    High previous owners in AMG cars

    Hi all. Is high number of owners pretty common in C63s? I have inquired about several 2012/2013 saloons/estates and I'm surprised how many cars have 3/4+ previous owners. Would that put many people off (price depending I would imagine)?
  5. D

    1964 220s project all welding done previous owner a lord! p plate too

  6. rockits

    R129 sl500 black 1999 top example 1 previous owner

    I have a very nice example up for sale now if there is any interest. I had bought it as a keeper as desperately wanted an R129 SL back in the garage again after missing my old SL60. A couple of things not working out as I had hoped means it really has to go. My brother is selling it for me...
  7. M

    W209 CLK55 AMG Reg. T11 SYN - Previous Owners/History?

    Hi all, I've ben offered the above car for sale, it's a black cab and seems to be in good condition. I wondered if anyone on here used to own it or knows of the car? Thanks in advance.
  8. P

    Gearbox rebiuld and previous vibration issue

    My car has gone in to have a gearbox rebuild, 2 years and 20k miles after the previous owner had the glycol issue and just had the box flushed and re filled, new rad etc, rather than properly fixed (He told me he had a rebuild, but didnt). Anyway, since I have had the car, at high speed (65+)...
  9. I

    Most Previous Owners

    Let's start with 13 - which might be unlucky for some judging by the feedback, but I like the look of it! Mercedes Benz 300 CE Coupe | eBay Cheers, Paul
  10. B

    FS: C208 CLK320 - One Previous Owner / only 37,000 miles

    Azurite blue, grey artico leather. Originally owned from new for 12 years by a Doctor in Birmingham who kept it as a garage queen / weekend car, I bought it from him when he retired in April of this year. A true time warp example with original paperwork, both keys, original unused spare wheel...
  11. KillerHERTZ

    Mercedes Previous Electric Vehicle Prototypes - W201 & W202

    The C-Class as trendsetter in powertrain engineering Four-valve engine in the 190 E 2.3-16 a milestone Premiere of common-rail diesel in the C 220 CDI Pioneer of electric drive for passenger cars The 201 model series was of key importance for the introduction of new internal combustion...
  12. astamir

    W462RNV clk55 previous owners

    Hi guys bought a car recently without a service records and trying to trace the service records through the dealer and just wondering if any forum members were owned this car or any mb specialists here were servicing it if so can you please pm me Thanks Thanks
  13. Felstmiester

    C63 difference in insurance from previous cars !!

    I'm in the motor trade and have been for the past 20+ years. I have had traders insurance since I was old enough to have traders insurance ( think it was 25 ) I've owned rs turbos to cosworth rs 500's ( wish I still owned it now ) always been insured through traders. I owned an m5 2 years ago...
  14. mercmanuk

    dash cam footage after service previous post

    can anyone point me in the right direction for the link to the guy who had his amg serviced by a main dealer and the mechanic took it for a drive at silly speeds,the footage was captured on the dash cam,i'm pushing for dash cams in works vans and want to use this as part of my presentation cheers
  15. Merc Owner 2B

    Council Tax - Previous addresses

    Person A lives alone and is in receipt of a 25% council tax discount. Person B is moving in temporarily and so person A wants to declare this to the council and realises they'll lose their 25% discount during the temporary occupancy. All above oard. Person B is being asked by the council for...
  16. Stuart O

    SL 350 , previous model

    Gents, Exchanging my thoughts on a nice 2 yr old sl today with some work mates , I'm hearing the folding hard top is a leaker ?. Couldn't argue the point as it was news to me , what makes it worse is matey is planning an xk8 R :-| Any comments on the sl roofs ? Thanks Stuart
  17. D

    Just spoke to previous owner of my Merc

    Bought 1999 C200 auto in Magma red from a dealer so only got limited info ,Car is immaculate and appears rust free with very low miles for year 56K.Chap now retired needed a smaller more frugal car so took the merc to various dealers who offered him between £300-£600 he reluctantly accepted £600...
  18. John_Doe

    Introducing the new car - must be a club members previous

    Well good afternoon all! Just got my next little upgrade, been looking for so long and finally got one! Bought from a trader who hadn't had it long but it appears to be a club members previous car, as there's a mbclub sticker in the window. One less thing for me to buy :-)
  19. W

    Tracking down previous car history?

    Hi, I recently purchased a 300ce coupe and sadly the history of the car is non-existant. Has anyone ever successfully tracked down any history of a car? I'm thinking of asking the local garage where the car spent most of it's life. Might try asking Mercedes if there is anything on their systems...
  20. 300CE

    Mercedes-Benz 230e W123 in a superb condition - 1 previous owner

    Mercedes-Benz 230e W123 in a superb condition | eBay
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