1. GLK

    telephone pre-wire UHI kit - cradle and a phone

    I have a complete setup for your UHI - a perfect condition, in original MB box (bought new just over two years ago) phone cradle - B67875846, and a Nokia 6230i (bought reconditioned, unlocked, with a brand new keypad, at the same time). If your phone console looks like this, then the kit will...
  2. jdrrco

    Comand with tel pre-wire

    Collected my new (to me) CLS on Saturday. I have three questions about the Comand system please: 1. Delighted to see that the HD nav now takes 7-digit postcodes, but how can I find out when the maps were last updated? I don't want to spend £100+ on an update to find it is already running the...
  3. W

    ViseeO MB-2 Bluetooth Kit for Mercedes cars with telephone Pre-Wire (UHI)

    Hi Gang, I have a ViseeO MB-2 available for sale. Should suit any of the cars with UHI telephone pre-wire. Excellent used condition: Details/software downloads here: MB-2 - DOWNLOAD - ViseeO Worldwide Official Site Download instructions here (pdf)...
  4. V

    NTG2.5 retrofit: Pre-wire mic

    Hi, I'm retrofitting an NTG2.5 to a 2007 w203 coupe and everything has gone fine so far, but I've no idea how to connect the factory mics to the head unit. I understand I need the re-routing cable (which I have purchased), but where am I re-routing from? Obviously one end goes into the...
  5. darrellr

    Retrofit Becker Map Pilot pre-wire

    Thought this query would benefit from its own thread as it may get asked a few times. I'm currently scrambling around for a sensible upgrade path for navigation on a standard e class coupe MY12. Because my car came from stock it's build date was prior to the June move to pre-wiring for...
  6. T

    2011/12 Comand Bluetooth -Telephone prewire?

    Guys, if you want to use your phone through the newest version of comand do you have to order telephone pre-wiring and get a bluetooth cradle/dedicated (iPhone 4 me) cradle or is it installed with Bluetooth connectivity as standard these days? I'm currently ordering a C63 and am a...
  7. R


    Hi all I have a Mercedes UHI cradle part number A 171 820 04 51 and a Nokia 6310i unlocked to all networks Mercedes part number A 211 820 17 35. If interested please see ebay link. eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Thanks Ian
  8. L

    w203 telephone pre-wire question

    i have the standard audio 20 in my facelift w203, it also has the telephone pre-wire installed (i'm using the MB hfp in the armrest) now my question is, can i replace the audio 20 headunit for a third party unit (in my case an avic f900) and still use the existing MB phone through the...
  9. bouncer

    W203 pre facelift Phone pre-wire

    Does anyone have this option and what phone are you using with what cradle and do you have dash and steering wheel function. My vehicle has Audio 10 CD and pre wire and a OLD Nokia cradle. I would like to change this for something a bit more modern.:D What do you have sTeVe
  10. W

    2001 CLK with telephone pre-wire (Nokia kit)

    Hi, My CLK (2001) has the original Nokia handsfree system that was factory installed. Which is the most suitable Bluetooth upgrade for my model. I currently use a 3G iPhone, but it'd be nice to know if these kits are futureproof :) I briefly looked into the Viseeo kits, am I right in...
  11. B

    W209 phone prewire - Bluetooth needed

    Hi all, The CLK that I am about to get my hands on has a telephone pre-wire which is currently linked to a cradle that works with only a Sony T610. That's no good to me as I have a newer phone, I gather that I can fit a Bluetooth cradle that allows me to use it as a proper Bluetooth...
  12. vibesg

    Bluetooth option for pre-wire on SL

    My 2003 SL comes with telephone pre-wire. I'd like a Viseeo MB-2 for bluetooth connectivity. I have been advised that if my car is a 2004 MY I can use the Viseeo MB-2; or that if I can remove the existing cradle leaving the triangle shaped connector I can use Viseeo. I have tried to remove the...
  13. R

    Phone prewire advice please

    I am getting a used car next week and it has prewire phone and command. What do I need to buy to connect any phone via bluetooth? If anyone can recommend any models? Thanks Ian
  14. M

    Odd prewire in a W203. Heated water hose and Thermotronic pollution sensor

    A while back there was thread on Thermotronic upgrading using all of the necessary parts. In the process of poking around my car I discovered two things. - Heated hose prewire = which consists of an unused thermistor coupling connector at the wash bottle. - Pollution sensor prewire =...
  15. vibesg

    Retrofitting Telephone pre-wire

    I have read very good reviews on Alfie / and Braybrooks but all are down South. Can anyone put me in touch with a competent Mercedes Electrician closely familiar with COMAND or telephone pre-wire? I am in Cumbria and happy to look at the North up to Glasgow. Thanks __________________
  16. imadoofus

    Telephone Pre-wire?

    What does a Telephone Pre-wire option consist of, and what is needed in addition to make it operational? TIA PJ
  17. C

    Remove Prewire?

    Looking potentially at a used W204, but it has telephone prewire, which from my understanding after seeing cars in the showroom, means I lose half of my centre storage box? If I am correct, how easy is it to remove this part so I gain all the space back. Probably would use phone over...
  18. Gollom

    Pre-Wire cradle for Nokia 6230i/6230/6220

    Don't have pre-wire in the W211 :( Straight forward £75 includng shipping (I believe these are £135 in the dealer) Part number B6 787 5846
  19. K

    SL500 2003 6310i Phone Cradle PreWire . . .

    TITLE WORDED FOR EASE OF SEARCH USE . . . . after a LOAD of *****ing around ** - I took the advice of Mitesh (a COMAND specialist in Leicester) and bought a 6310i off eBay for our new car - installed it (plugged it in LOL) and hey presto - it works PERFECTLY!!!!! I could not find a...
  20. Gollom

    Nokia 6230i with prewire

    Think I've got the hang of operating this now - it's Way Cool Stuff!! But two questions: It only pulls up the default number and does not appear to let me cycle through any other entries. This by design or am I missing something? And secondly, is there any way I can read SMS on the dash...
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