1. H

    Which Bluetooth for 2007 CLS? (pre-wired)

    Hello, just a quick one but want be sure before ordering used item off ebay. Can anyone confirm part number or type of Bluetooth dongle thing I need to plug in and connect my 2007 cls to iphone 5, thanks
  2. rom1

    prewired reverse camera

    I removed my command unit to install a no holes phone bracket and noticed a green plug connected with a black wire coming off it. I thought this is the Fakra connector for reverse camera. I do not have reverse camera, so does this mean it is prewired to the boot? Apart from stripping boot lid...
  3. Real Merc Man

    CLC phone prewired

    Just purcahsed a 2008 CLC in the option codes it says it is telephone prep I have checked the centre console and cannot see a uhi or anything anyone point me in the right direction
  4. M

    iPhone 3gs pre-wired telehpone cradle help

    Doesn anyone know how to pair the iphone with the cradle. I know it wont work with the phone not in the cradle but I still need to pair the phone via bluetooth. Thanks, J.
  5. J

    Where are the microphones for prewired phone?

    Hi I recently bought a '56' plate C200 CDI which came with pre-wired phone, and I have installed a bluetooth cradle. It works a treat with my iPhone, but I am curious as to where the microphone is that picks up your voice. I looked in many places (behind rear view mirror, dash) but couldn't...
  6. Broken_Cross

    pre-wired cradles with bluetooth

    I have noticed some ebay listings stating that cradles such as the samsung d600 also pair with phone k750i - is there any truth in this?
  7. J

    Pre-wired mobile phone

    I have a 2005 W211 but unfortunately do not have a factory fitted pre-wired mobile phone kit. Will the following parts meet the requirement? 1. Phone adapter MERCEDES-BENZ MOBILE PHONE ADAPTER*NEW*A2038200751 on eBay, also, Mercedes-Benz, Car Parts, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 05-Jun-09...
  8. tugger

    03 w211 - disconnect prewired phone?

    Does anyone know the location of the control unit for the factory pre-wired telephone in an 03 W211 I want to disconnect it to see if I can get my Dension BTA1500 adapter working. TIA
  9. ROLANDRAE1972

    Prewired Phone Kit Information

    Hello Every One,and A Happy New Year, I Have A W203 Mercedes Estate On An O3 Plate,fitted With A Command Dx Unit, Iam Looking To Install The Genuine Mercedes Phone Kit Which Is Located In The Centre Arm Rest Then Have It Wired To The Command And Steering Whell Etc, My Car Is Not Pre Wired,is...
  10. C

    how can i tell if my car is prewired for handsfree?

    wondering whether its worth putting in my parrot 3200 colour or save up for the real thing?
  11. T

    2001 w220 s320 petrol prewired?

    is this car likely to be prewired for a phone? how do we find mention of it on the russian site.. if not, what would be the easiest option to gain hands free facility for a treo phone? cheers
  12. vijilants

    w202 - CD changer install - where is the prewired fibre and power ?Advice required

    Need some advice folks. Im trying to install a MB CD changer into my 1999 facelift W202 C230k. The Head unit is a factory installed Audo 10 CD player / radio. I have pulled all of the lining out of the boot looking for the supposed prewired fibre and power lead by I can't find one...
  13. Alfie

    Is my car pre-wired with the optical Cd cable?

    Does anyone know whether or not my CLK would be pre-wired for the optical cable to connect to a CD changer in the boot? If not, does anyone know what the correct part number is to order and what the routing path is through the car to the boot? Thanks
  14. M

    My W203 was pre-wired for puddle lights, $20 Mod

    in AU only the Elegance or Avantgarde models are fitted with front door puddle lights (bottom of door) installed. The classic comes with that hole covered over even though you can feel the hard plastic is missing - just covered in felt. I opened the door trim up and found that the puddle...
  15. G

    W210 Already Prewired for CD Changer?

    Hi folks, Just a quick question: would my E240 be prewired in the boot for a CD changer? Its a UK car, 1998 vintage. If it isn't, how easy would it be to wire up? Cheers, Greg
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