1. B

    W220. Do i have telephone prewiring in my car

    I'm looking to gather the parts to get the UHI phone working in my 2005 W220 but there is no phone cradle in the center console. I've been trying the websites listed around to decode my VIN without much luck. I'd like to at least know if i even have the prewiring, without which i'll pursue...
  2. J

    First Post.....E-Class Becker Map Pilot Pre-wiring

    Just about to place an order for an E-Class Estate 250CDi Sport Auto and need some advice on when the pre-wiring for the Becker Map Pilot was introduced to the E-Class estate. The car is coming via a personal lease (quite a few great deals around) but I want to be 100% sure the pre-wiring is...
  3. fast_eddie

    COMAND NTG2.5 Bluetooth - or phone pre-wiring

    Hi all, some of the run-out W211s have the newer COMAND NTG2.5 (with bluetooth built in) but also have the telephone pre-wiring option. I know that the pre-wiring allows you to use a cradle (if there is one for your model of phone) which is an obvious benefit for charging the phone...
  4. kusanku

    telephone prewiring

    Here's a stupid question. The 211 I have just purchased has telephone prewiring. What exactly do I have to do to use a mobile phone in it? There is a cradle in the centre arm-rest, but not one that seems to fit my phone. Do I need to buy a new cradle, or an adaptor, or a new phone? The car...
  5. R

    telephone pre-wiring & bluetooth

    Hi Guys. Looking forward to using this forum. I have today bought a pre-owned 2008 E320 CDI Sport (good deal too!!!) It has COMMAND with Sat Nav, and also telephone pre-wiring. I have a nokia 6230i phone, and also a Blackberry Pearl. I'm confused which is the best way to proceed. The...
  6. K

    W140 S class Telephone pre-wiring

    Hi, On my W140 S300 TD (1998) WDB 140.135 I noticed there is already a wire installed in the loom that connects to Pin A3 (phone mute colour grey with blue stripe) on the ISO radio connector. There is no sign that a phone has been installed in the past and there are no antennas to be...
  7. L

    Telephone Prewiring Queries

    I have a 03 SL with the phone prewiring kit fitted. As I understand it, I need a Nokia 6230 or 6230i. 1st ?- are these phones interchangeable? That is, will the cradle suit either of these? 2nd ?- if not, how can I find out what cradle is fitted? 3rd ?- I have another Nokia phone on an O2...
  8. BTB 500

    Does phone pre-wiring option include a cradle?

    Quick question! As per the title ... if you order phone pre-wiring on a new M-B, does that include a cradle? Thanks in advance! :)
  9. P

    w203 (54 plate) prewiring - bluetooth- phone?

    Hi all How can i tell if my car (C 180 advantgarde 54 plate) is prewired for a MB Bluetooth Sap. The current cd player it came i with is compatible (when i press the phone button on it- it says no phone connected?_)but I'm not sure what to look for underneath the armrest if i purchased one and...
  10. D

    W209 Telephone Pre-Wiring

    Hi I'm hoping someone can help me please ??. I've just traded in my SLK for a 53 reg CLK Cabriolet (non-Comand). The CLK comes with telephone pre-wiring and there is a cradle in the armrest serial number A 171 820 04 51 which is for an old Nokia 6210 mobile phone. My Nokia is newer (6230i) so...
  11. L

    Telephone Pre-wiring cost

    I was just wondering how much the following will cost to get done, post delivery (incl. labour costs): UHI Telephone craddle for Nokia Telephone wiring with hands free facility. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  12. L

    Retrofit Telephone pre-wiring for SLK 171

    Hi All, I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can get a Telephone pre-wiring with hands-free facility for a Nokia in an SLK171 in the South East or in London. Total price including labour costs. Thanks
  13. E

    Telephone pre-wiring for A150

    Hi, I have just bought an A150 Avantgarde SE with Audio 20. What is the best/cheapest way for me to make full use of the hands-free facility that is already installed on the steering wheel? The dealer wants £500 - so they **** off! :) Also, does anyone know if you can buy the...
  14. B

    Telephone Pre-wiring

    Hi, My E-class has not got any telephone pre-wiring.It has command APS 50.The dealer in Worcester says that prewiring can be done only in the factory.They offer me hands free which i cannot operate with multifuction steering wheel.Does anyone know any place who can do telephone wiring...
  15. Mozzer

    No pre-wiring AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!

    OK, last night I managed to get my hands on a MB CD changer (MC3110) for £140, and have just managed to get another one (MC3010) just in case for £120 - both with return deals if necessary. Next I am going to buy the APS30 4716 for €470 today (sorry Shude). I have just looked in the boot...
  16. M

    prewiring diagram comand

    hi , i would like to know if anyone have electric diagram of this MB W203 '04 or comand to tv-turner because i want install tv-turner but my MB is not prewired . Thanks
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