1. Palfrem

    1963 Dashcam footage - priceless This is a splendid bit of history. Love our narrator in his Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag
  2. Spinal

    Priceless Interview Answers

    So, following on from another topic... There are some standard interview questions... so standard, it's a surprise that they still use them (to me at least). Examples are "Can you please walk us through an example of a time you faced a challenge?" or "made a mistake?" or "showed innovation?"...
  3. E

    Priceless Moment

  4. I

  5. C


    Last Friday night, M74 northbound between Carlisle and Glasgow, I am doing 70mph in lane 3 passing a convoy of trucks in lanes 1 and 2. BMW in rear view mirror approaching doing 100mph plus, slams on the anchors and locks on to my rear bumper. As I am passing the last truck before returning to...
  6. mark.t


    just look at the guys face.......
  7. pluggers


    I thought this might brighten up the afternoon,I dont know whether to laugh or cry tho,I do feel embarrased for the guy tho.He must need a pair of ladders to get into his motor,hope he dont suffer vertigo :rolleyes:
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