1. developer

    Printer Ink - Not OEM

    I have a Canon MG6450 - the Canon ink is a ridiculous price. Can anyone recommend a non OEM supplier of inks that work? - many just clog stuff up :crazy:. Thanks.
  2. alzieboy

    Printer Problem

    Hi can anybody help, my Hp wireless printer connects okay to the laptop but it will not print it just makes a queue of items to print, I can cancel the queue only for it to do it over again :mad: Thanks for any help
  3. brucemillar

    Wireless Printer Wanted (Reccomendations please)

    Folks, as the title says. I currently have an HP Officejet 4500 bought via another posting on this very forum. It didn't last too long before it started blurry printing, paper jamming, dropping connection and being a general pain in the rear. As with all computers it has been trained to...
  4. M

    Best Laser Printer?

    Our club is looking for a Colour Laser Printer and could do with some recommendations. We print a 8 page colour magazine 4 times a year for about 50 members, ie about 400 sides, plus smaller runs of general material. What we hate most about our current Inkjet is that it has to be...
  5. Dieselman

    Cant ping to network printer

    I have a personal printer on my home network and can ping it but can't communicate via web browser or print to it. Any ideas?
  6. SL300-24

    Duplex colour printer recommendation

    In our small office we are looking to buy a new Duplex colour printer at a reasonable price to replace our Samsung CLP-500. It is used on a small wired network. It only gets occasional use printing our A4 size colour brochures. We mainly use a different mono printer for everyday...
  7. BTB 500

    Help - can't install driver for network printer (Win XP)

    Trying to connect the kids' PC (running XP) to the printer on my Win 7 PC. The network side of things seems fine - on the XP machine I can go into 'add a printer', browse, and find the printer I want. The problem is from that point. When I select the printer I get a message about...
  8. Tan

    Printer Dilemma

    Hi I have a Epson all in one injet printer that has decided to stop printing, the scanner however works fine. My dilemma is whether to replace with another inkjet aio, have seen an HP with 3 year warranty for about £120 or buy a colour laser printer and just keep the epson for scanning and...
  9. k.dawson1

    Lexmark all in one printer A1 service

    It's not often we can sit down and tell a story about great customer service these days, but I have one. I bought my Lexmark Pro 805 printer about 3.5 years ago now, about 8 months old the print head developed a fault, I called Lexmark and within a week a new print head arrived at my house, from...
  10. J

    Laser printer recommendations

    I need a colour laser printer for my home office. Ideally I need duplex and half decent quality. Anyone any recommendatons, another forum (british farming forum) have suggested..... Lexmark C543dn for a dirt cheap price of £150. Comes with quite a bit of toner as standard by all accounts
  11. Darrell

    New printer

    Gents, I need to buy a new printer in the next couple of weeks. A guy I know who is now in the UK is driving here so he can buy it there for me. All I need it for is to print off the menus, notices for certain events, weather forecasts and the odd bits of Skiathos info for the guests. It...
  12. Red C220

    Help required networking a LAN printer

    I have an oldish Laser printer which is thoroughly reliable and prefect for my needs - Samsung ML-2152w It's fine using a USB cable and works lovely, but it's a big old lump and I'd like it tucked away somewhere and wish to utilise it's wireless capabilities. Before I get it wireless I need to...
  13. A

    £19 HP all in one wireless printer

    HP Printers - HP Officejet Wireless 4500 All-in-One Taken off hot deals website Seems its open to everyone no just HP staff
  14. Whitey

    Online Photo Printer Recommendation

    Hey guys I'm looking at getting my wedding photos printed, so just wondering if there were any recommendations out there ? Interested in having a 'photobook' printed, but there are so many vendors. Trying Snapfish for the normal prints as they were having a good offer. Thanks Chris
  15. npuk

    Dymo Label printer and 6 packs of labels for under £20!

    Buy the Dymo Labelwriter 450 and 6 packs of labelwriter labels on the same order between 1st October 2011 and 31st December 2011, and you can claim £100 cashback from Dymo. If this sounds like a really crazy deal, that's because it is - do the maths! You could walk away with a labelwriter and...
  16. Stratman

    Free HP2600n colour laser printer

    Free to anyone who wants to come and collect it. A Hewlett Packard 2600N colour laser printer with built in ethernet. The black toner has just run out, the colours have 39% remaining. It won't print without a new black toner cartridge. It will come with the drivers CD, drivers for Windows...
  17. Spinal

    Fabric Printer

    Can anyone recomend a fabric printing company that can print something lightweight? (Definetly not cotton/pvc!) Ideally something like tent fabric material, the lighter the better... Looking for a banner/flag type thing to advertise my website... M.
  18. Satch

    New printer needed

    First Law of Sod bites with a vengance: paper transport mechanism of old but up to now trusty printer knackered beyond economic repair. So now need a new all in one colour printer, nothing volume orientated but capable of: 1. Printing letters docs. etc to a decent standard 2...
  19. whizzkid11

    HP Laserjet 4500 Printer - FREE

    All, I have a HP Colour laserjet printer which has been sat here for the past few years, it had done only a few thousand prints in its life. Like have having a S63 AMG and not going above 40mph in its life. Full networked, Duplex unit, etc etc BAD points: Needs consumables and good...
  20. crockers

    Screen & Printer Calibration

    I recently saw a demo of screen and printer calibration and I do have to admit I was impressed. I had often wondered why the photos I took just don't look right when I know. Trouble is it is a very expensive piece of kit etc so I was wondering if there is a hidden small business /...
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