1. M

    Mercedes S Class Coupe PD75SC Widebody By Prior Design

    Mercedes S Class Coupe PD75SC Widebody By Prior Design [YOUTUBE HD]O4BTtQ1z7T8[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. M

    Widebody Mercedes-AMG GT S by Prior Design

    From the article: Wide, fast and low with a sick set of Vossen Forged Wheels. One of our favorite cars has gotten even more amazing courtesy of two companies we like to see collaborating. The German machine features a set of polished VPS-307 multi-spoke alloys. Photos and article - Widebody...
  3. The _Don

    Prior Design Provides Mercedes-AMG GT S With Wide-Body Kit

    This is how the car should have left Amg Hq -
  4. D

    C63 checks or questions prior to purchase??

    Hi guys I've put a deposit down on a C63, is there anything I should be checking or questions I should be asking out of the normal with this type of car??
  5. F

    CLK500 W209 prior design black body kit questions

    Hi all, new to the forum :) In the not too distant future, I'm planning on getting the prior design black series body kit for my 52 reg CLK500 (W209), I've seen a really good post, one installed from start to finish but a question or two remains, what's an average price for a body shop to get...
  6. M

    Mercedes SLS by Prior Design

    Looks like a beast. From the article: Earlier this last month Prior Design gave us a little taste of what their version of a Mercedes SLS should look like, and we liked it. It's easy to win people over with a great looking wide-body kit, right? Their aero kit is called PD900GTWB and...
  7. tron

    Trim removal prior to tidying bodywork.

    I have some rust on a door skin above the beltline trim and some on the offside rear arch leading edge which I would like to banish. In order to do the job properly, these two trims must be removed. Is this a matter of unclipping or are they stuck on? If the latter, I usually use Dental floss...
  8. mmpaa

    Help needed fitting DRL's on E350 with Prior Design Kit

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum and was after a bit of advice, i recently bought my first Mercedes E350 coupe, i have also bought a Prior Design PD550 body kit from prior design Germany for the car as a project. With the kit i got some optional extra slim line Daytime running lights, now...
  9. B

    Prior to ECU's?

    Can anyone tell me which models/years were the last before the ECUs were introduced (ie. contactless ignition as opposed to ECU controleed engine)? Mike
  10. RobertoMercini

    Prior Planning Prevents..

    something something something Right, I've made a slight error. I've just realised that to transfer my private plate onto the vehicle I'm about to buy, I need to obviously get another reg from the DVLA for the car I'm taking it off. I knew that, what I didn't realise was the potential delay...
  11. C

    Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse W211 by Prior Design

    Prior Design has come up with a tuning package for W211 it offers a specially developed chassis set consists of a buffer with plastics grille, fog lamps and lateral ventilation openings at the front along with a set of side skirts available more about the new tuning package on The new...
  12. C

    hesitation prior to kickdown

    Over the last couple of weeks my car seems to have developed a longer delay from flooring it to kicking down. Also feels slower from a standstill. Moving acceleration stills feels ok though. Any ideas??
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