1. N

    Sprinter Side Windows - cheap

    Volkswagen Crafter Mercedes Sprinter VAN Glass Off Side Near Front Windows | eBay
  2. S

    Privacy Glass

    Hi All, I've just picked my new C220 Estate up in polar white, the glass has a slight tint to it, but i've seen a few estate and saloon cars with privacy glass, i think it looks much better, or should i leave it alone? if i go for it, would you recommend a local Mercedes dealer doing it?
  3. mark44

    Privacy glass removal

    Is it possible to remove Oem privacy glass? I bought my car second hand and it's not an option I would have spec'ed personally. Just curious if it's tint film that can be removed, rather than actual dark glass Thanks
  4. B

    Privacy glass

    I'm getting the S212's windows from the B-pillar back tinted as they're currently standard and my children are finding the sun bright occasionally. I'm personally not a fan of tinted windows as for me it makes cars look like vans, but kids and security come first. Does anyone know what the level...
  5. addbuyer

    S204 privacy shades

    Hi my C Class Estate has gone so I have a set of privacy shades for sale. I have had this type of product in the last 6 cars and will be getting a set for the E Class eventually. They are approx 6-8 months old (cant remember exactly) but look like brand new. They give the instant privacy glass...
  6. J

    Mercedes Car Tracking - Privacy Invasion

    Good afternoon. BMW ConnectedDrive, VW's CarNet; does Mercedes-Benz have units within the vehicle which track and upload data via 3G/4G to their business? If so, I would like this disabled. I recall a 'terms and conditions' privacy acceptance when using the 'app' application functionality...
  7. V

    Can I get privacy glass fitted?

    I'm thinking about getting the rear windows on my w204 replaced with privacy glass - nothing too drastic like limo-black, just smoked - as I don't think full on limo-black works on an iridium silver car. What I want is proper privacy glass, not tints or films. Is this something I'd have to...
  8. K

    Privacy glass too dark

    This may rank as the most daft question of 2015 but here goes. I really don't like the tinting on my rear windows. In anything below broad daylight it's impossible to see out of the rear windows when reversing etc. Plus I think it just looks daft. I'm assuming that, as it's factory fitted...
  9. Lapchien

    Privacy Glass

    I had a CLA with privacy glass, it was very dark. I now have a CLS 400, also with privacy glass, but somehow it does not seem as dark - you cansee straight through to the other side! It is dark, but not as dark as the CLA, anyone know if anything has changed re. the tint spec of the privacy glass?
  10. D

    Ordering a new car with Privacy Glass and getting tinted windows? What would you do?

    Evening all, Having a bit of a trouble making a decision on how to deal with my latest quandary. Took delivery of my brand new C Class two weeks ago. All very well. Love the car with great service from MB. However after driving around for a couple of hours i realised there was one...
  11. Dave Richardson

    CL 203 Privacy shades

    I'm looking for a set of clip on sun/privacy shades for a 2002 w203 coupe also known as a CL203. If anyone has a set in the corner of the garage they no longer require please let me know david
  12. Dave Richardson

    CL203 Privacy Shades

    Hello , I'm looking for a set of privacy shades for my 2002 CL203, if someone has them tucked away following sale of car please let me know ta Dave
  13. N

    Internet privacy. Anyone use Tor?

    The news has been full of stories of the NSA spying & Edward Snowden whistle blowing. Just wondered if anyone uses Tor as their every day browser, or indeed, if it can it be used as such?
  14. C

    Privacy Glass C63 Estate

    Need to firm up my spec soon and am in two minds about ordering Privacy Glass - what do people think about it on a C63 Estate in Tenorite Grey? Thanks
  15. H

    W212 Privacy glass removal

    W212 Privacy glass removal - anyone know if its possible? I'm in the market for a 'new' W212 350CDi and have seen a few possibilites with rear privacy glass. While I don't mind the rear screen being tinted, is it possible to remove the tints from the side windows? Is it a film or something more...
  16. chrisbin

    E Class coupe with rear privacy glass

    Anyone done it? A quick search hasn't come up with any pic's... I'm unconvinced, but Mrs is used to having it in her previous cars..... :dk:
  17. O

    ANPR Big Brother and your privacy, well you have none...

    Here is something really dark and scary with those Automatic Number Plate Recognition... They are now everywhere... I Edinburgh, I called the Council about it and ask the reason why they were popping out everywhere as I am concern about my privacy, the reply was: Its for the traffic management...
  18. M


    I was quite taken aback by the vehemence of journalist Paul McMullan's attack on privacy in his evidence to the Leveson enquiry yesterday: "Privacy is evil, it brings out the worst qualities in people. Privacy is for paedos - fundamentally nobody else needs it." OK, so I accept that a...
  19. R

    E Class Coupe Privacy Glass??

    I'm picking up a new white 350cdi Sport Coupe next week and wondered what your thoughts are on privacy glass. I'm having the panoramic roof, but wondered whether the tints may cheapen the look slightly. Any comments would be welcome. Rob
  20. S17MMA

    Tinted Privacy Glass- ML

    Not a bodywork question as such... Think I may have found my new car, it has everything I want :bannana: apart from privacy glass. :wallbash: How difficult would it be to have privacy glass fitted in the rear or even tinted? any ideas on the cost approx? Cheers :thumb:
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