1. bob6600

    F1 Chinese Grand Prix (May contain spoilers)

    Well almost all of Friday's Practice (both sessions) had to be abandoned due to mist/cloud and fog, preventing the air ambulance being able to operate should it be needed. The medical facility which has FIA approved equipment is some 38km away and not reachable via road ambulance quickly...
  2. bob6600

    F1 Australian Grand Prix (may contain spoilers)

    So.. HAM on Pole Position, BOT didn't quite manage to find the pace but he is still new to the car. Impressive from VET, let's hope he makes it a close race tomorrow. Gutted for RIC, crashing out in Q3
  3. W

    Becker Grand prix

    Hi, I'm looking for a Becker Grand Prix or other appropriate Becker model for installing in my 124 cabriolet. Has anyone anything for sale that they feel might be of interest to me? Thanks in anticipation..
  4. whitenemesis

    The 1957 Monaco Grand Prix ....

    ..... What a different world it was back then... QXbQFpPrykA
  5. whitenemesis

    Abu Dhabi Grand Prix -- SPOILER ALERT!!!!

    The original title for this thread was going to be "Mercedes to Suspend Hamilton" First off, let me congratulate Nico on his championship win. A consistent performance throughout the season, well done. I'd also like to say I think Lewis could have been a little more gracious in his congrats...
  6. R

    German Grand Prix...

    Rosberg needs a slap. Easy win for Lewis.
  7. grober

    AUSTRIAN Grand Prix

    Don't miss it tonight at 6.0PM channel 4. ;)
  8. K

    World champion Lewis Hamilton will start the Chinese Grand Prix from last place on th

    I'm currently not a fan of F1. I'd rather watch paint dry. My must watch is Moto GP. Anyway, as reported this morning on BBC. Quote. "A power-unit problem for Hamilton meant his difficult start to the season continues. His 17-point deficit to Rosberg could grow further on Sunday." A power...
  9. Makdissy

    Becker Grand Prix 2000 from Europe or America

    I was told buying a stereo from Europe or the USA won't work in the UK !!!! Is there a way or a trick to make the radio work??? :confused: Many thanks Peter.
  10. R

    US Grand Prix

    ...exciting stuff!!
  11. ChrisA

    Vettel and Ferrari win Hungarian Grand Prix

    A bad 1st lap left Lewis in a pretty poor position, struggling to keep up but managing 6th place and still leading the Championship No Mercedes on the podium today :( Well done to Kvyat (2nd) and young 17yr old Max Verstappen (4th) A good race for a change with plenty of action :thumb:
  12. ShinyF1

    British F1 Grand Prix - Silverstone

    Having been lucky enough only to have ever been to races outside the UK, I'm taking the plunge this year to go to Silverstone as I have some visiting US relatives who are into their motorsport. I am after some help if anyone can suggest a good place to watch the race at the circuit - within a...
  13. grober

    Bbc coverage abu dhabi grand prix

    ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX - WHEN TO WATCH Live text, TV and radio coverage available online for all on-track sessions. Thursday 20 November 20:00-21:00, 5 live Formula 1 Friday 21 November 08:55-10:35, BBC Two and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra, practice 1 13:00-14:35, BBC Two and...
  14. The _Don

    Jules Bianchi undergoes surgery after Japanese Grand Prix crash
  15. BillyW124

    F1 Hockenheim Grand Prix Snaps

    Thought i'd share pics of my drive to Germany for the Hockenheim Grand Prix in the 124.
  16. BlackC55

    Two tickets for this weekends German Grand Prix

    I have two tickets here for Friday, Saturday and sunday for the German gp this weekend. I can't go :( They cost me 149E each. Make me an offer for them both.
  17. grober

    AUSTRIAN Grand Prix Tomorrow

    With a return to an old style "non-scalextric" track tomorrow's Austrian Grand Prix shaping up to be good un. Williams on pole position 1 and 2. :thumb:
  18. Ant-toe-knee

    German Grand Prix in doubt

    BBC Sport - German Grand Prix: Drivers' Association threatens to withdraw
  19. R

    British Grand Prix Snaps :)

    A selection from Practice :) Stowe Alonso Mclaren
  20. horgantrevor

    F1 canadian grand prix death

    Jun.10 (GMM) The F1 world is mourning its first fatality in over a decade, after a track marshal was killed in the wake of Sunday's Canadian grand prix. Photographs depict the marshal, whose identity has not been revealed, holding the rear wheel of Esteban Gutierrez's car steady as a recovery...
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