1. M

    Hi all- parking brake prob

    Hello everybody! Had many cars over the years and now a Mercedes owner (sadly she's an old gal) C200 and prev owner abused her. Trying to keep her going, hope I can get some help on here to do that and hope this is the first of many Mercs I'm to own CURRENT ISSUE:- Not sure if i should...
  2. R

    W204 door lock prob

    The doors on my car operate in such a way that even if they are locked, pulling the silver lever will unlock and undo the door. Except that the passenger front door takes one pull of the lever to unlock and a second pull to undo it. MB say I need a new lock and quoted 00s to do it. Any one else...
  3. H

    Air con prob

    just purchased a 2007 c220 diesel (w203?) and the seller informed me the air con needed topping up! after visiting garage, they said it was full of gas and there was no pressure drop when air con was switched on which indicated that the pump/compressor was dead..... the seller (who works for...

    Sat nav prob

    Hi Guys I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas:bannana: I have a question the sat nav on my 2001 320CDI now takes 35mins to recognise the disc. I get messages such as !CD reading error. please use another navigation CD. or !CD not available please insert NAVI-CD type DX The sat nav disc...
  5. K

    Engine prob. E350 CDI Avantgarde Estate

    My car is 30 months old with 25K on the clock. The engine has become very noisy particularly on tick over - makes a roaring noise as though the exhaust is blowing. Garage have had the car on the computer and can find no fault. Any suggestions please or do I need to find a man with a spanner? Ken
  6. S

    W220 gear prob

    Hi Got my transmission fluid changed with filter from recommended dealer as it started giving slight jerk on gear change at 108 miles. He insisted he will use his own oil as he puts it in every merc. Jerks finished post change. Didnt use car for 2 months now when temp below 80 it doest pick n...
  7. Billy albert

    Command tv prob

    Hi I recently got my tv module to work on my C32 with command by simply plugging it in. I used to get the no tv on the command when you press the tv button , when i plugged it in all was well , good, my passengers can watch the dvd that is installed to the Aux input on the tv module. Now its...
  8. M

    Please help - infuriating intermittent prob on W210 320CDI

    Evening I recently bought a 2001 W210 estate, 320CDI. Lovely car apart from one problem that's driving me nuts and is going to see it traded in if I can't fix it. Basically, there are times when it just won't accelerate past around 2000rpm. It will, given enough motorway, happily keep...
  9. M

    2.5 16V Auto gearbox acceleration prob.

    Hi. I've got a 2.5 16v Auto which has developed a problem regarding the gearbox. When I accelerate from a standing start, the car initially starts to go and within a few seconds slips into neutral and then a couple of seconds later slips back into gear and drives fine until I halt at...
  10. biturbo

    OEM Chrome Tail tips AMG x2 for SL CL or S class 2006 onwards prob fit others.

    Hi, I have oem part number and mercedes boxed x2 tailtips AMG. These are massive and look very easy to fit as its a direct bolt on. Bought them for the sl60 without measuring and they are huge so wont fit side to side. Should of measured. Selling both for £130 delivered in UK. Will post a...
  11. Messa

    W212 Cold start/gearbox prob from new.

    Hi all, My auto E220CDi is due in for a second attempt at fixing a problem it has had from new (it still has only has 5k on the clock). It is a complicated problem to reproduce but I am able to do it 'on demand' by doing the following... Firstly the car has to be cold (overnight) and...
  12. R

    W203 battery prob?

    Today my son was sat in the car while I was off out and was running his MP3 through the aux in. Everything in the car was off apart from comand but after a few minutes it said that to save the battery Comand would switch off in 3 minutes. Is this a standard Mercedes safety thing or is my battery...
  13. M

    Heater prob (clk)

    I have a problem with the heater in my 2002 w209 clk. The car has the intelligent digital heater and all works fine except for the drivers side setting for my feet. All other settings are working and hot and the passenger side is all working fine. Seems to me that some vents aren't opening but...
  14. michaelk3289

    slight prob with my leather transplant w124

    hi guys as you may have read in an earlier post i have started to replace my cloth seats for leather the only problem i have hit so far is on the front pax seat i have the airbag option inplace of glove box, however i am guessing the donor car did not, when i took the old cloth seat out i had...
  15. R

    SD Card prob.

    I now have two SD cards which are fine on every device apart from my camera. When in the camera they say they are full and I have repeatedly Formatted them both in the camera and in the PC. I've renamed them and erased them and done everthing I can think of but still my camera says they are...
  16. R

    1999 c180 esprit estate window prob,,,plz help

    hi all i new here but 3rd merc ive owed ,,,plz can any1 help,my elec windows are not working is it a relay etc , thanks
  17. C

    SLK 230 (98) HELP Prob with limp mode

    Hi All PLEASE PLEASE can anyone help re my lovely SLK. 1 Month ago slowed at roundabout and would not change from first went into limp mode. Went straight into garage and codes came back as speed sensor problems, this was changed and got back after 7 days happened again, this time said...
  18. J

    injector prob

    got an e320 cdi 05 plate . can anyone pls tell me what problems an air leak on an injector can cause ?
  19. kevinofengland

    slk roof, mirror adjusters ,cig lighter prob

    SLK 230 2001 model I notice the roof mechanism, the interior control for the door mirrors and the cigarette lighter are not working. The flashing switch for the roof control is not flashing as before. The car went in and had a sensor fitted for the traction control and worked perfectly well...
  20. T

    300 e gearbox prob

    While heading up to newark on the a14 the gearbox on my fathers 98 300 e diesel dropped out of gear after leaving it for 10 mins it will move for around 20 seconds before loosing drive it will not select any gear have checked the oil level and the filter but prob still here HELP Also when...
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