1. grober

    Jupiter JUNO probe

    YES tomorrow is the big day----- the day the Juno probe reaches Jupiter and attempts orbital insertion. Cummulation of a 5 year mission [ launched in 2011] estimated to cost $1.1billion------ failure to achieve orbit will mean the probe will fly by the planet and mission disaster. Juno...
  2. markmifsud

    VW fined in Emissions Probe

    Seems VW have been fined $14.7 billion thats gonna hurt someone.
  3. M

    Daimler Launches Emissions Probe in the U.S

    Saw in the FT online that Daimler has launched a probe into emissions in the U.S, at the request of the Department of Justice. This comes after some 'eager beaver' lawyers have entered class action law suits against Daimler - all in the name of justice and the pursuit of corporate clarity I'm...
  4. ItalianTuneUp

    Biofuel suspected in probe into diesel breakdowns Apologies if this has already been posted somewhere here before, couldn't see anything from a quick look.
  5. H

    W126 air temp probe question

    A previous owner of my 1990 300SE cut off the probe end of the dash mounted external air temp display system. I am wondering if I can find a similar probe at a wreckers, can I just splice the cable ends back together or will I have to shop around for the complete cable and probe etc?:dk: Any...
  6. Spinal

    Probing the Probe...

    So it's been a week that I've been driving the Ford Probe... Before anyone asks... no, it hasn't broken down yet! What do I think of it? It is definitely a change from a W202 C180… it’s nowhere near as sophisticated as the W202, and when I stop at a set of lights and see a W202 next to me...
  7. B

    Changed the Air Flow Probe

    I posted a regarding my c200 and the general(and much appreciated) opinion was change the MAF so today (I had to save up) I bought a new probe and fitted it...well it has made a difference! the car does pick up and go like it is receiving fuel, if you hit the throttle it hesitates...
  8. R

    W202 v6 O2 probe

    Hi can annybody give me some advice, A few days ago I had an ignition coil breakdown which I have replaced, after running a live test with my diagnostic computer the following values are different from a test that was carried ont 2 years ago when the car ran fine; Probe heating after cat...
  9. Satch

    Mince Pies danger: shock horror probe Yes, there is a reason why nothing gets done easily these days.
  10. S

    Ford Probe for sale to pay for W140 service!!

    Here is my gorgeous Probe for sale on Ebay. Low reserve and just 49 thousand miles. Makes a great 2nd car to keep the mileage and fuel costs down on your Mercedes.
  11. A

    Outside temperature probe

    Picked up my C43 yesterday, and what a great car that is! Put it in the garage and upon my return noticed that there was what seemed like a wire hanging down under the front spoiler. Upon closer inspection it looks like a outdoor temperature probe (correct term?) - so the question is, where...
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