1. Campoos90

    Help with Warranty needed

    Hello everyone Last weekend I went to carry the service of my w204 in the MB dealership and they found that the turbo intercooler pipe was completely blown up. The AA warranty said that they two things. 1. They do not cover pipes or hoses... 2. IMPORTANT*** ' The dealer cancelled the...
  2. N

    C63 Exhaust Problem

    Hi Guys, First post here and sadly it's an issue with my C63 :( Only been a month since I bought the car and all of a sudden the exhaust growl isn't the same, just sounds like not like a c63 and hint of power loss too! Had an indie look at it and an Xentry diagnostic but came back with zero...
  3. B

    S350 Bluetec DPF regeneration frequency problem

    Hi all I have been having an ongoing problem with EML coming on with fault code P2459. I clear the fault and it is fine for a while. After a long run (which I do on a daily basis) I will stop for a short while then start up again. Normally at this point I notice the revs are holding in at low...
  4. M

    Ml electric window problem

    Right found the problem with my drivers window turned out to be a faulty relay after swapping relay to passenger side and the problem followed so went to the scrappy and picked up a relay put in the where the passenger relay goes and there was a big flash and a short faulty relay so took the...
  5. W

    CLK 208 Roof Problem

    This is my first post. I have bought a 2003 CLK 320 recently. The roof opens only with a helping hand at the start to get it past the first bend in the frame. When first opened at the the front catch it pops up about 10-15 cm and then the back bits sort themselves out. However, when the...
  6. D

    The Dreaded 722.6 Auto Box Problem

    Hello All, I know from the search facility that there was a thread started by Triplespeed in October 2016 regarding his ML270's auto box going into second on kick-down and not changing up, even with triptonic. That thread never reached a solution so I've started this one in the hope of a...
  7. M

    Ml electric window problem

    Hi ive been on with the car all day and no further forward and was hooing some one can shine a bit light on the matter i have a 2001 ml 270 cdi the front drivers window goes down no problem at all but wont come back up now i have ruled the motor out as i have a spare which i tested on passenger...
  8. F

    W203 Late 2006 model - interior lights problem!

    Hey all! New to the site and thought I'd start off with a little niggle I have... my car is a '56 plate W203 C Class estate, the problem I'm having is that the interior lights don't come on when I open the drivers door - the lights work on all the other doors including the boot... it's just the...
  9. M

    GL320 (x164) airmatic problem

    Hi I'm at a loss at my new gl The air suspension compressor is not cutting in I've got a fault code 5400 which is a faulty compressor But I've put 2 second hand ones on and still got the fault code But there is no power going to the compressor if I jump the relay the compressor powers up...
  10. 5

    Is my charge cooler pump the problem?

    Hi guys just wanted to ask if anyone has had a familiar problem in their cls55 as mine. In sports mode you accelerate but as you build up speed say to 80+ you begin to loose power? and if you lift of and reaply you still don't get full power. Is this the chargecooler pump not keeping the...
  11. B

    CLK W209 Strange Roof Problem

    Hi guys - wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what could be causing this issue. After a long drive, or if the car has been sat in the sun and has got really hot, the roof will not open. The windows come partially down and the front section of the roof slightly detaches but the back is...
  12. Druk

    Silicone sealant problem.

    About five years ago I replaced one of the roof hatches in the caravan. It's approx 300 x 300 and made from an ABS type plastic and is held to the roof by an internal frame screwed up into it on four corners. The sealant used at the time was Evo-Stik No-Nails which I've successfully used in many...
  13. G

    Sat Nav problem

    Morning, I am on this site, however, my friend has a c180 blue efficiency reg SA12 NTE..when he presses NAVI button all you get is No navigation module is connected..any help appreciated..he bought it last week from Arnold Clark's so he called them to query this..response was..Call...
  14. K

    W204 Comand displey closing problem

    Hello. I have C320cdi 4matic 2009 year, and i have problem with opening and closing Comand display. When i press button to close display, display begins to close, but then goes back to the open position. When i press button again (10-15x), display close completely. When the display is closed...
  15. R

    Strange problem - engine or gearbox feels jerky

    Hi, Been having some problems with my 2013 model C250cdi coupe with the 7G tronic transmission. Firstly around a month ago, I left work on a hot day and as I pulled off the car park the car was really jerky at low revs. Lurching quite violently under acceleration from stationary. Kind of...
  16. M

    2011 c250 bluetooth problem

    Phone connects no problem but sound is very crackly when making phone calls, any fix for this? Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
  17. tron

    A minor central locking problem (S202)

    The battery went unaccountably flat. It was disconnected, recharged and appears fine. The central locking opens with the remote and flashes its lights correctly. It locks the car fully but does not flash the indicators. The switch on the centre console does not lock the car. This is apparently...
  18. K

    roof problem

    i have a 2001 clk230 convertible which ive just bought but i have a problem with the roof ./ rollbars .the headrests are raised and wont go back down even with the dash reset button? the roof is closed atm so wont open because of this :dk: could someone please point me in the right direction as...
  19. M

    2005 E270 CDi Front SAM module problem

    Almost certain that the front SAM module has given up the ghost. Multiple warnings, beeps etc (SRS, ABS, speedtronic, rear brake light lights etc). Looking for guidance on replacement and repair please. Newbie - go easy on me please ;)
  20. M

    W211 - DPF Pressure Sensor Problem

    I have a W211 E320CDi in line 6 which keeps going into limp mode although no CEL comes on. The symptoms are the car goes normally for about 5 mins and then won't rev past 2000 RPM I have had a look at most possible/probable causes and I have an idea that the cause may be the DPF Pressure...
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