1. F

    Sat Nav - How does it know to avoid probs?

    Still loving the 2011 plate c220 and am constantly amazed by the tech. I set a destination on Sat Nav and after choosing route, it often changes and sends me on a different route because of problems. These are always roadworks but recently seemingly because of a crash that had closed motorway...
  2. F

    gearbox probs

    I've recently acquired a 2003 E320 petrol car I'm not very happy with the gearbox performance. On start up there is often resistance to moving (as if the hand brake is partially engaged) Once I've overcome this it starts to move slowly in what appears to be 2nd gear. If I press down on...
  3. A

    C63 2012 aircon probs!!

    Hi all fairly new to the scene.Anyone good with aircon on here?,got gas,got light on switch but no cold air.....any help appreciated please.
  4. S

    gear probs

    I have a cl500 2001 just had drive shaft gaters changed and dome bushes got car back not changing gear properly some times will not change then speedo goes off any help please
  5. G

    R129 electric boot probs

    Hi have a 1998 280sl boot lock wont work with key. Battery drains with alarm, so have to leave boot open to get at the battery. Are there any good auto electrics firms in the South East??????????
  6. K

    61plate wheel alignment probs

    Hi everyone. Nort been here for a while but after having loads of problems with my cars wheel alignment I thought I'd come pick your brains. Since getting my 61plate c200 20months of so ago I've been hAving problems with it pulling to the left. A long story short ..... The Merc dealer I got...
  7. G

    CLK roof probs

    Hi All a problem with my wifes roof on a 2005 CLK W209 in that when it goes over a pot hole especially on the left side the warning light comes on the dash to say the roof is in operation, meaning you have to stp put the roof through a partial open and reclose it ! Ive been to a Merc...
  8. G

    C200 Convertable roof Probs 2005

    Hi guys I got a big prob with my wife's roof, whilst it's closed and the left side of the car goes over a bump or pot hole the roof thinks it's being activated and the display on the dash lights up saying roof in operation, you then have to stop , partly open the roof then re-close it ! Very...
  9. H

    Same ole W03 probs - newbie help

    Hi to all and cheers for another good forum for helping fellow merc owners. Ive looked all over the forum and not surprisingly its a bit of a minefield diagnosing problem/s which can have different sources even tho the common fault can be the same. Ive just owned a c220 cdi 04 plate for 5 days...
  10. Darrell

    car starting probs

    We are block paving my brothers drive and his old Megane is parked up on a section of it. It's been there for a year and the battery is dead. He stuck a charger on it about 8 this morning and up until now the lights, windows and other electrics are working but the engine won't turn. I can hear a...
  11. S

    more probs

    hi more probs with my cl500 2001.picking my son up the hand break cable feels like its broken.then as i when to leave with him to go home message saying abc drive carefull came on any help please.
  12. S

    starting probs

    have c270 cdi 03 just had starting probs ended up replacing no4 injetor and fuel filter been fine for a few days then stopped would turn over catch then die left the car for about an hour then went back and it started no lights are on(limp mode etc) think the problem could be cam sensor any ideas
  13. W

    Newbie -few (hopefully !) small probs with A class

    Hi there ,am new to the forum and have recently bought a little A class ,is a cool little car for the money I think ,have had a couple before including a 2.1 evo (that thing was like a dodgem car on steroids ! proper good fun car !). Firstly and most importantly I have to guess how much fuel is...
  14. A

    Starting probs CLK 320

    Hi All, Not been on for a while when some of you kindly helped on a problem aI had with my old 300TE. Hoping you can help again. After much pressure from the wife I have bought her a 2000 CLK 320 as a bit of a project. The car is very clean and straight but has a wee problem: With...
  15. C

    remote central locking probs

    Hi all, all working until today. Remote locking stopped, changed batteries for new ones, but have to be really close for remote locking to work now, whereas before i could be 5m away, any ideas why? Also how do i sync the spare fob? Thanks in advance.
  16. P

    1999 V220 variouse probs?

    Hello everyone I am new to this forum so please forgive me if i go over stuff that may already be on here. Can anyone tell me if the heated door mirrors are automatic or do they need to be switched on and off? i cant find a switch. Next what does the switch with a W on the centre dash do? Next...
  17. MD5

    R129 ECU/ESP communication probs

    1996 SL 500 From a cold start, and after normal tickover commences, revs will raise to 1100 rpm and the ESP warning light comes on, causing loss of power/drive through the accelerator pedal. This is rectified by restarting the car, and may happen several times, until the engine has warmed...
  18. B

    E320 cdi probs

    Well it was bound to happen,i was thinking i'd got away with it,i bought a 2000 plate E320 last weds.160,000 miles on the clock,real good condition for the year£600,been standing for a good few months so i drove it home with no problems other than brake warning light coming on and B service...
  19. D

    aftermarket parking sensor probs from Pro Park UK

    Hi everyone, My w204 didn't come with parktronic so i got steelemate front + rear sensors fitted by Pro Park UK. Next day noticed some issues: 1) the steering is making a squeaking/creaking noise when turning and feels a little stiffer. Almost as though the wiring loom for the front sensor...
  20. J

    C200 aux belt tensioner probs

    Hi folks this is my first post so pardon any mistakes, this is my second merc a c200 classic 2 litre it's a good car... But the tensioner squealed like a pig so I changed the belt, pulley, and tensioner as they were all shot. The parts went on great but after I select drive and hold the car on...
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