1. C

    manual procedure for softop clk 208

    hello Here i wrote the manual procedure for softop clk 208 I'm french so it is french langage:rolleyes: sorry If it can help somebody ....
  2. Gaz-M

    Run in procedure on new vehicle?

    What is the run-in procedure on a new motor, I have a new Vito (2.2cdi 163bhp) going on the road 1st March (next Wed)? I surely want to put some miles on the engine before I go booting it or towing my trailer!? Wasnt there an early oil change on new motors too?
  3. T

    W639 jump start procedure

    Is there anything in particular I need to know.? Is the battery under the drivers seat..? Should I connect straight to positive pole and then a good earth as usual..? Cheers Mike
  4. M

    S211 Brake Bleeding Procedure MB Star Benz

    Please can a MB Star Benz guru talk me through the correct procedure for bleeding my car? (Navigation of menus and actual procedure) I will be taking all the safety precautions relating to the SBC unit. I am hoping to borrow the MB Star system from a mechanic soon. Thanks in advance Mahussain
  5. adile220

    W203 Audio 10 reset procedure

    Hi All, I seem to recall there was a procedure to reset the Audio 10 stereo from the W203 (pre-facelift). It involved holding two of the shoulder buttons down for a set period of time. Does anyone know what the procedure is? If so would appreciate some advice. Best, Adil
  6. T

    w210 E320CDI replace lower arms /bushes procedure

    I am going to replace the lower arms on the 210 as i have a brake shimmy above 50 and the outer edges of the tyre are wearing and Bushes noted as worn but they did pass the MOT.Anyone any tips or a how to ? I have a Klan Type spring compressor and ball joint separator . I thought about...
  7. wongl

    NTG 2.5 Firmware update procedure

    A fellow member of this forum has a NTG 2.5 from a 2008 car that is in need of a firmware update before he can update the maps. I have a star computer (version 2010) and I managed to source a firmware update disk for the NTG 2.5 from a dealership in Germany. Question is, what is the...
  8. M

    Procedure for brake fluid change and bleeding sbc w211

    Is there a guide on how to change the brake fluid and bleed a w211 with sbc using mb star c4? Any help is greatly appreciated Mahussain
  9. D

    Procedure to reset engine adaptation.

    Can anyone advise on the correct procedure to reset the engine adaptation? (assuming I use CarSoft or similar). - Do I do this with ignition on only or engine running? - Is there a set sequence of events required after resetting (e.g. let engine idle for ?? minutes?, Rev at ???? rpm for ...
  10. guydewdney

    W202 front bodywork alignment procedure?

    Mine appears to have had a super light front smack at some point, and all the gaps are very slightly 'out' - compounded with aftermarket (I think) wings. None of the steelwork shows any visible bends / creases. Can anyone give me some tips as to the order of alignment? eg - get rear of wing...
  11. N

    W215 Pad removal procedure?

    Hi! I have had a search but can't find this - hope that isn't just due to operator error! I have recently got a CL55 AMG and seem to have a bit of a squeal from the brakes (only notice it with all the windows down in the current weather!). Have had a look and the pads still seem to have...
  12. Chalpkin

    Reset procedure for reseting W203 heating vents.

    Hi All, Could someone please let me know how to reset the heating vents on my 2001 C320. Regards Chalpkin.
  13. donshl

    special procedure for battery disconnection (CLS 55)

    Hi all, Just quick question, is there a special procedure for disconnecting the battery? I know for some cars you have to wait for the CAN bus to goto sleep before disconnecting the main battery and upon reconnection, have a procedure like turn the lights on first etc.. Just asking as I got...
  14. M

    My Personal Weapons Of Choice-Photo's & Procedure

    Hi all There has been quite a bit of what products are best to use for different tasks around car cleaning. Below are what my personal favourites that I am using this year. This is by no means my whole collection, but what im favoriting. When I personally clean a car, I always start with the...
  15. M

    W211 Headlight manual adjustment procedure please!

    Hello again, The halogen projector headlights on my W211 2004 E 270CDI (non xenons) are pointing far too low. The foglamps are fine. However, the low beams point where the fogs are pointing and the high beams point where the low beams should ideally point. So, the headlights, though bright...
  16. H

    What is the exact procedure to get replacement key for w210

    My MB dealer wont give me the key I have ordered and paid for. They say I have to bring the car in so they can register the new key, check the vin number, have another look at all the documentation and charge me another £50.00 for next to nothing. Is this kosher or just another rip off. Hairyhugo
  17. pagzzy

    What's the procedure for buying a new car from mb

    Hi guys I am getting my first new year car soon the one that can't not be mentioned lol ... But I'm asking all mb owners who have purchased new cars what does the day bring were there any problems what's the general procedure and so on .... I wanna look like I know what I'm doing on the day...
  18. Littledigger

    Is there a recommended procedure for cleaning the engine bay and engine?

    Is there a recommended procedure for cleaning the engine bay and engine?
  19. J

    Help to replace W211 E350 Airbag(2008), procedure needed to fallow.

    Hello I'm looking for procedure on how to replace Airbag in 2008 E350,car was in accident and only driver airbag deploy.I do have a new airbag and know how to physically replace it.Looking for procedure how they do it in the MB shop,star diagnosis in hand.Need just procedure to follow...
  20. C

    SLK 230 Auto - Gearbox Oil Procedure

    Hi All Canb anyone detail how to check gearbox oil on an auto 30 SLK (2.3). The dipstick I can see does not appear to have a normal pull out thing? The item I located i in the middle of the engine bay, behind the engine... Do you check with the engine running / not runing. In gear or in...
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