1. gr1nch

    Your "model path" or thought process for buying your last car?

    We can end up seriously considering quite (sometimes wildly) different cars at times eh? I'm interested to know other members thought processes when homing in on a model, perhaps of your dreams. Over a process of a six months, mine started with thinking: exciting 3-year old performance car...
  2. E

    Going through the change of car process - always a bitter-sweet experience

    Hi Long term Mercedes owner but not very techncial so a lot of the posts on here are way over my head. Have visited here a few times over the years, mostly when I change cars, which is where I am right now. It is always an enjoyable experience but also quite fraught! Moving from two year old E...
  3. J

    R230 SL500 - In the process of buying

    Hi Well I've been away from the forums for a while (busy working) and I sold my C270 about a year ago, but int he meantime I did pick up a lovely SLK350 for my good lady and a Lexus GS450h for myself.. Right now I am in the process of purchasing an 03 SL500 as a weekend toy to replace my...
  4. Pitts Pilot

    How do I reset a re-map's 'learning' process after new exhaust?

    I'm fiiting a sports exhaust (subject of a current thread) and have been offered a re-map too. Problem is I re-mapped the car a year ago, and was told at the time that the ECU would spend the next few miles 'learning' the new throttle settings and power, etc. So my question is: Is there...
  5. D

    Purchasing new home from parents - process?

    Hello all, I am after some advice. My parents purchased a home some 10 years ago as an investment. I am now looking to buy this home from my parents to live in. Of course, the house will be properly valued and a proper sale price will be agreed. I am new to house buying and every...
  6. Mr Fixit

    DVLA and private plates;- new process

    hought I'd share the recent experience with the DVLA and update you if you have a plate and want to sell you car, mainly because the DVLA don’t seem to know what’s going on and the forms have different guidance to what is actually required/happening. I had to go to the DVLA Chelmsford...
  7. S

    Ordering via a Broker - The Process

    Hi There I just order a C63 coupe via a broker. However, I was slightly perturbed about the lack of clarity regarding timescales and accountability. Could you help me clarify some concerns? Following signature and £1k deposit with broker. Is my agreement with broker now? Do I have a...
  8. R

    Process after battery reconnection, R129

    My SL500 is having a new custom exhaust fitted today and the battery has been disconnected due to welding required on the new exhaust to get the fit exactly right. Is there anything I need to do to reprogram windows, roof, etc upon reconnection of battery? Thanks Russ
  9. S

    CLK200 - unreliable escalation process

    HI Not sure where to put this cry for help I have a CLK 200 sport 4 years old which I have owned for approx 7 months, it is a bit of a DOG - its still under MB approved car warranty fortunatly as the following is a potted history. Collected car and reported tyres with new large gouges "2"...
  10. Gucci

    Reg - private plate transfer process?

    So I received my email saying my new plate certificate is winging its way over in the post. What next? What do I do about insurance and road tax etc?
  11. R

    About to start the Brabus Roadster purchasing process...

    Hi All, You may remember my Smart Brabus Roadster enthusiasm from such threads as this. Anyway, its now 2007 and time to start the process of buying a Brabus Roadster. I've got the financial elements of it covered, but was wondering if anyone has any pointers of common things to check for on...
  12. Maff

    MB SLR Construction Process... pics...

    look at that engine! click here
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