1. vijilants

    G3 clay mitt - brilliant product !!!!!

    Anyone used the G3 clay mitt ? I used one today.....what a brilliant product .....very quick and easy to use and the paintwork comes out super smooth. :thumb: Far easier and quicker than using a traditional clay bar.
  2. Johnerz

    Cleaning product help

    So I have had my dream car (E250 coupe Sport) for about 3 weeks now. She needs a good clean, I was wondering what the best products are for cleaning interior and exterior. I have seen the Mercedes cleaning kits but are they really they best? I wasn't sure if it was actually the best product...
  3. I

    Cleaning product and wax recommendations

    Having heard some horror stories about getting your car washed at some places I have decided to go the DIY route. What are the best cleaning prducts and wax recommended for an obsidian black colour? I have heard about CarLack 68 and Collinite 845 but I believe the latter is more suitable for...
  4. Alfie

    Seal tight - great product.

    Following a nasty biking injury I have been using one of these to aid in showering without getting the bandaging etc, wet; Seal Tight Cast and Wound Protectors Really great product and easy to use. Such a simple idea that has revolutionised by showering during convalescence.
  5. E

    Product of the WEEK

    Shop Now: Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit (Unit + Pads + Extras)
  6. E

    Product of the week and discount code

    Shop Now: Meguiars Quick & Easy Car Care Kit To help support the MB Forum and its users, We have set up a discount code STRICTLY for the use of MB Club Members. As an improvement to last year, the discount code will be UNIQUE to the forum and is designed to be used by full members only...
  7. E

    ---product of the week & discount code---

    Shop Now: Meguiars Quick & Easy Car Care Kit ONLY: £18.74 With the 'SALE25' Discount Code
  8. E

    ------Product of the Week-----

    ------Product of the Week----- Meguiars Air Re-Fresher - Air Con Cleaner Only £7.19 When you use discount code SALE25 Shop Now- Meguiars Air Re-Fresher - Air Con Cleaner A single use Odor Remover that removes the toughest odors throughout the entire interior of a car, truck or SUV...
  9. E

    Product of the Week

    :rock:PRODUCT OF THE WEEK:rock: The Fix-A-Flat Ultimate 1-Step is based on the same technology as many of the Tire Repair Kits found in new vehicles being sold today. The Ultimate 1-Step seals punctures and provides 100% inflation in just 7 minutes. Promo Code: SUMMERSALE Price: £17.99 Shop...
  10. E

    Product of the week and discount code

    PRODUCT OF THE WEEK Shop: Foliatec Foliatec Spray Film (removable) Toxic Green (2x400ml) - Coats 4 wheels Foliatec Foliatec Spray Film (removable) Toxic With Foliatec Spray Film there's no need to substitute old or damaged rims. The Spray Film gives a new appearance to them quick and easily...
  11. E

    W205 - Product Guide for MY17 UK ?

    Just been told by dealer of Price increase for MY17 model builds from June onwards. Anyone have any details of the MY17 changes
  12. E

    Product Launch- Redline Water Wetter

    Redline Water Wetter is compatible with new or used antifreeze (including DEX-COOLTM and long-life versions) to improve the heat transfer of ethylene and propylene glycol systems. Benefits Include Reduces or eliminates bubbles or vapor barrier that form on hot metal surfaces to reduce...
  13. brucemillar

    Best deep cleanining product for PVC

    Folks I am again after some top hints on which is the best DEEP cleaning product for coated leather seats. These are 124 Mushroom leather but I know that the leather is coated in a PVC type stuff. It is that coating that I need to get clean as the leather underneath is fine. I also would...
  14. D

    W205 - Product Guide for MY16 UK ?

    W205 - Product Guide for MY16 UK ? Anyone got one yet or can link to one ? Thanks
  15. martyp87

    Returning a product

    Hello, Completely non-MB related but wondering if you can shed some light on this for me. I purchased a Mac Pro (custom order) right at the end of last month however, have only owned the device for 3 weeks or so (due to being a custom order and taking longer to be built from the US). I...
  16. Reggie-rock

    Best products to restore convertible roof ?

    The hood on my A209 CLK 350 has some faint green streaks which could be some mould and no matter how much I shampoo it with a baby brush it will not budge. The hood is otherwise in excellent condition so I need some product recommendations to deep clean it, maybe colour restore and seal it. I...
  17. Silver CL55

    Looking for a product to.....

    Remove the metallic dust now bonded to my wheels. I believe from brake disks?
  18. DSB SL AMG

    Product testing....

    Now that's what you call MB product confidence...:crazy::D Z-bwyoKf8uA
  19. WDB124066

    Household product to remove wax from windscreen...??

    Is there a household product people can recommend that will remove car wax products from a windscreen, tried my normal slightly abrasive cleaner that I use when road grime builds up and I need to drive at night - but no luck. Is it time to experiment with meths, white vinegar that type of...
  20. Charles Morgan

    Good product to bring up old red paint

    I have an 80s car about to arrive, solid red paintwork is absolutely original, no fading other than from age, very swirled. I don't really want to get the machine polisher out as I doubt the paint is that thick, any good glazes or similar that help with concealing rather than removing swirls?
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