1. D

    VW group profits: Interesting reading

    I guess many of you would have seen this in AutoCar last week, apologies for not posting sooner. It's the first time back home for a while. Interesting reading don't you think?
  2. The _Don

    Ferrari profits soar despite reducing car production numbers
  3. Igurisu

    Daimler said to target 1 billion euros in cuts to boost profits. And you thought it was hard to claim against a warranty now?
  4. The _Don

    BMW profits drop as it invests in staff and technology

    BMW profits drop as it invests in staff and technology - Telegraph
  5. ironsheik

    Daimler Profits in China...

    Interesting read, so I thought I would share.... Daimler profits roar up on China's passion for Mercedes | Business | The Guardian
  6. Palfrem

    Lloyds profits up - share price down Why?

    Lloyds banking group announces a £2.1 Billion profit and huge turnaround from this time last year and the shares fall 5% Anyone out there have the time to talk me through this strange state of affairs please?
  7. D

    BP announces £37m-a-day profits

    BP, however, says that it makes less than 1p in profit on every litre of petrol it sells at its 1,300 filling stations across the UK. :eek: :eek: :eek:
  8. Gollom

    BA reports large jump in profits - up 45% to £883M Is it just me or does that level seem a touch out of place whilst they are raising passenger costs? At least Willie Walsh has forgone his £700K bonus given the T5 fiasco. Guess he will need to downsize then? :rolleyes: Don't get me wrong - I...
  9. Maff

    Poor quality of Mercedes cars dents profits

    From Friday's Financial Times - will be interesting to read:
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