1. automaniac

    programing remote fobs

    Hi all, new boy here with a question that may have been answered elsewhere, which is.. I want a second remote/key/fob for my e220 cdi (210) MB dealers want over £150 for a new one, but a well known aucton site has plenty of second hand ones for sale most claim it is possible to re program the...
  2. A

    Programing retrofit Comand

    Hi all (first post) Just fiited Comand 2.0 and glove box CD changer (from MBenzNL) My local stealer wants £82+vat to program car to recognise Comand. A local MB specialist has Winstar diagnostics and will only charge half that but is unsure if it can be done. Does anyone have a clue if...
  3. C

    Help Need with TV tuner programing

    Hi Guys I have installed the tv tuner into my clk, it works fine in the sense av1 plays great and the tv picture when tuning is great. However once stored and i try and go into the tv channle you get sound and no pic, i get a tv with a cross through it indercating no signal however it...
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