1. John Jones Jr

    eBay GSP (Global Shipping Programme)

    Guys, Can anybody enlighten me as what this eBay GSP actually is? Is it anything to take note of? I ask as everytime I buy something on eBay and it delivered by the GSP system eBay make a big fanfare out of it, loads of emails and I always seem to receive an email telling me the item is...
  2. T

    programme mode died

    something weird happened today, the programmable mode has stopped working and the light has disappeared. it will not let me change modes ie comfort sport sport plus manual. currenty stuck in comfort mode any idea what the issue could be guys? am booked in to mb aberdeen on tuesday...
  3. BTB 500

    Costco Auto Programme?

    Just got this month's Costco leaflet and noticed a plug for - discounted car sales for Costco members. Has anybody ever got a quote? Just curious about what sort of discounts they would be giving ... presumably similar to brokers. I was expecting it to be limited to...
  4. D

    Ebay - Global Shipping Programme

    Just a note to others - buyers or sellers - this new programme from Ebay looks great, but does not deliver... Recently bought using this. It's taken the item 8 days to get to the shipping centre in the US. It then apparently gets stuffed in a Container to get over here in a another couple...
  5. andy27168

    Window 7 Programme compatibility

    Hi, I wonder if anyone of you IT Gurus out there can help me. I have just bought a new Samsung laptop with Windows 7 64-Bit Home Premium installed. I have a proper DVD disc of MB wiring drawings that I would like to install on it. When installed I click the short cut (Index) icon on my...
  6. verytalldave

    Maths programme on Dave coming soon

    ...........anyone seen the ads for this forthcoming "Hard Maths" programme on Dave starting next week ? ? Well, if the ads are typical of the level of "hard" maths we can expect on this programme, then God help Britain. The few ads I have seen shouldn't tax the brain of a 10 year old...
  7. Darrell

    A super tv programme

    I can watch it for hours and I remember it being on before I left the UK back in early 2008. Now on Quest TV, How It's Made is brilliant late night, having a beer television.
  8. C

    How do you programme keys on a W203

    Hi guys, thanks in advance for any help. I own a 2002 C220 CDI & the key stopped working I pulled out the batteries & checked the voltages 2.3 & 2.4V which is not to bad, I put it all together & it still wouldn't work. I pulled apart my mothers key a 2004 C180 which worked fine, checked the...
  9. CE230

    Deleting a programme

    I'm trying to uninstall a programme that I need to reinstall, it shows in the programme files on the C drive but if I try to delete it from there it won't. Using the uninstall feature in Windows7 the programme isn't even listed. Another problem is that it starts when the machine is switched on...
  10. CE230

    Problem starting a programme

    I have a Garmin Zumo 550 and having decided to update the firmware etc loaded the maps onto the PC, connected the unit and updated it. Went to the Garmin site and downloaded the drivers for Windows 7 and all apears to be fine until I try to open the maps and then I get Access was denied when...
  11. SilverSaloon

    Classic Car Club TV programme

    this was on last night on Discovery Shed. pretty good stuff. presented by penny malory, edd china and a couple of others. they review and look at "modern classics" aswell as some older classic cars. recommended
  12. F

    w124 Wanted for BBC TV Programme

    We urgently need two mercedes 124 series cars for a BBC tv show. One must be dark blue and the other metallic green. Filming is in Glasgow, Scotland in November. We will pay a fee for use of your car and filming will take 1 day. Alternatively we will buy suitable cars for sale. Please contact...
  13. Kingpin!

    Comand 2.0 & TP - Traffic Programme

    Since I still haven't got a european manual for my Comand 2.0 unit I wonder the following; The TMC function works for navigation but I would still like to have the TP - "Traffic Programme" information as well. On my Audio 10 CD it worked perfectly (it came on when I was tuned to other radio...
  14. Rasputin

    Early Retirement Programme

    I felt a bit depressed when this notice appeared on the noticeboard in my company :-:( To: All Employees over 40 years of age EARLY RETIREMENT PROGRAMME As a result of automation, as well as a declining in work-load, Management must, of necessity, take thorough steps to reduce...
  15. classicsl

    Worst TV programme ever?

    Did anyone else see 'you be the judge' on BBC1 last night. sad people with pathetic disagreements over custody of pets and the like need the idiots at the BBC to waste a nice chunk of our license fee on such crap, dont usually rant about the BBC but this really was tv worthy of LIVETV or another...
  16. Aletank

    Mercedes Programme Tonight - BBC2,11.20pm

    Mercedes Goes To Motown Mon 20 Oct, 23:20 - 00:20 60 mins BBC FOUR On BBC TWO: On May 7th 1998, the biggest industrial merger of all time was pulled off in absolute secrecy. Jurgen Schrempp took the world class Mercedes brand to downtown Detroit...
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