1. ringway

    Children's Television Programmes from the 1940's onwards.

    THIS site gives comprehensive listings of children's television programmes from as far back as the 1940's. Not necessarily all favourites of mine, but I've placed some YouTube clips of what you'll expect to find on the website. So, what are your favourites? 7cX07V4iwBM XuPVcxzVD5A...
  2. Palfrem

    Background programmes waiting to close?

    A while back I bought a Sony Vaio desktop (the one with all the gubbins in the monitor case) and generally I'm happy with the performance. When I shut it down it hangs for several minutes with "waiting for background programmes to close - force shut-down yes / no" Any ideas what could be...
  3. DSLiverpool

    Free LFC Programmes - Recent

    I have about 20 maybe more from the league and all cups mainly last season im not sure what I just have piles around the place and if anyone wants them they can collect (I`d like them to go to a good home not to be used as loo paper by mancs :crazy: ) They are in good nick, some have team...
  4. greggster

    Random late night TV programmes

    if anyone is interested :D:D:D Euro"sport" HD is now showing Salsa Dancing with a live commentary :crazy:
  5. crockers

    Home Finance Programmes??

    Does anyone know of any good Home Finance Programmes I want it to be able to download bank statement, credit card statements, update unit prices on OEICS and share prices so I can see day to day positions. Also want to be able to run forecasts etc. I think Microsoft Money and Quicken were...
  6. Howard

    Programmes running on startup

    Just a quickie guys (and girls ) How do you get to the menu where you can choose what programmes you want to start running when you turn the computer on ? Many thanks H
  7. N

    Programmes I watch in Fast Forward.

    Sparkyspost about Jeremy Clarkson highlighted a habit I'm using more and more. I watch TV programmes in FF. This saves a great deal of time 7 saves me from having to listen to endless tedious waffle and watching things I'm not interested in, such as last night's Top Gear with the...
  8. toolman1954

    Free Footy and TV Programmes

    Hi ---- whilst trawling through the net the other night I found this in a free footy and tv programes forum, you have to search through the forum but there are lots lots of l inks to lots of goodies ----the forum add is ...
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