1. CLSMark

    Key programming.

    I only have one key, and I see genuine replacements on fleabay at a reasonable price. Can this be done at home? Or do I need star? Or worse, main dealer? Can anybody on here do it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. T

    Steering column replacement - programming?

    Hi all. This is my first post so wanted to say Hello to everyone here. My Mercedes CDI 2.0 W169 56reg has been diagnosed with bed steering column. My mobile mechanic said he can replace it. The problem is he is not sure if the new column needs to be programmed or not. He does not have...
  3. uumode

    ...the moral dilemma of programming autonomous vehicles

    Interesting, programme to sacrifice the driver to save the pedestrians?
  4. N

    Programming my central locking?

    I recently had my alarmsiren replaced on my C43. the new one is making a 3 tone beep when I lock/1 tone beep when I unlock my car using my remote. that's a nice feature with beep tones not to forget locking my car. I wonder if there is a way to re-program remote control/central locking to...
  5. wongl

    Legality of owning/using Mercedes Key Programming Kit

    I purchased my W169 a few months ago with only one key and was quite shocked that several Mercedes dealerships quoted £220 to factory order a new key for me. :eek: I have contacted a number of Mercedes key duplication specialists and the best quote I got was £160 provided I drove my car to...
  6. M

    SBC c249f 'service break!' only needs programming??

    Hello all, Recently, my newly bought 2003 e320 gave me the 'service break. Visit workshop!' fault in white. So I took it to the dealer for service. The fault code was c249f. With the description saying 'check operating time...'. And that is without any noticeable change in breaking power...
  7. M

    Programming direction/Flash light.??

    Hello agian. In the new cars when you hit the "flasher" / "blinker" / "direction light" (sorry don't know the name of it) one fast time it flash 3 times. Is that possible to get on my Mercedes E 320 Y:2000?? how do i activate it or what kind of program do i need to fix it? :) Sorry...
  8. Y

    HELP! Programming with SDS on W210

    Hi, I have retrofitting heated/ventilated seats with lumbar, headlamp washers, and power folding mirrors. Everything has been wired to fuse boxes, pse pump, switches, and modules. I currently have them installed with the led light display working in the dash, but the seats will not heat or...
  9. E

    Central locking programming

    A few of you might already know that you can programme the key fob to unlock just the drivers door on the first press & unlock the rest of the doors on the second press....''I didn't :o'' HOW TO Press & hold the unlock & lock buttons on the key fob together for approx 5 seconds until you...
  10. N

    key programming merc cls

    i have a blank merc key and need it programming as i don't have a spare..:doh:
  11. C

    ECU programming

    Hi We have a Neoplan coach with a merc V6 engine,the ECU has developed a fault and needs replaced. We have located a second hand unit and want program this unit to the vehicle,is there any way of extracting the information required without having the old unit at hand? Also if we get this...
  12. M

    SLK Key programming

    Hi again, I have hunted through the forum but can't find anything on doing this for an SLK. I have two square two button flip key style remotes. One is perfect but the other didn't work remotely. - The key does start the car (I don't know if its chipped etc on this car) Reading the handbook...

    key fob programming

    Hi Guys our key fob, broke and we lost the inner metal key as well, it works the c/l and the alarm, is it possible to replace the key ( Ie Ebay !) and have it reprogrammed away from the main dealers, we have A E240 99 :dk:
  14. hercules

    KeylessGo W164 programming

    Just had a new spare key collected from MB parts, the man just checked the buttons on the fob, locking, unlocking but I thought it comes already programmed with keylessGo to my surprice when I got home I try to start the engine in IC display KEY NOT DETECTED. Is the key needed to be paired...
  15. J

    star programming

    hi does anyone know what mods i can do to my w211 2006 using star daignostics? e,g power folding mirrors And anyone near heathrow that can do it for me and how much do you reckon the mods will cost? Thanks Jazz
  16. proser

    Replacement keys - programming

    Does a BRAND NEW STILL IN BAG key have to be programmed by main dealer, or can an indy with Star do it ???
  17. M

    Garage Door Opener Programming

    I have the integrated garage door opener in my W212 which I hope will save me messing about with the remote for my sliding gate. However, I am struggling to programme it. Has anyone managed to do it and am I missing something. I am holding the button I want and then holding the button...
  18. M

    Climate Control Swap - Need SDS programming help

    Hello, I have a 2440 E320 and I swapped the original climate control with the one from a E500 (the one with the display). Now I wanted to use DAS (in dev. mode) to set up the car so it knows the new unit. But I would need some help. I read that some guys from the UK or at least from this forum...
  19. J

    W203 folding mirrors programming

    Hello, All. I have just installed sw plate + door modules + folding mirrors I got from Steve onto my w203, and was wondering if it is possible to program it to respond to ignition / key on/off. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  20. A

    COMAND APS Programming

    Hi, I am just in the process of retro fitting a COMAND APS unit into my C Class W203. previously I had the adio 20 and that was it no multi CD changer. I am also fitting a Dension Gateway 500 witrh the BTA1500 bluetooth phone adapter. I believe once I have had these fitted I need to have...
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