1. Piff

    Transferring saved programs from sky box

    We have a Sky+HD box with loads of programs saved on to it. We will be reviewing what we pay for tv in the coming months with both sons moving out over the next 3 months. If we ditch Sky, is there a way of still accessing the recorded programs? One recorded program is of particular sentimental...
  2. stwat

    ITV Player Now Charging You To Watch Some Programs?

    How fecking annoying is that? They now expect you to pay to watch previously free to air programs Well they can feck right off and I will not be using ITV Player again. Youtube here I come. What were they thinking when they brought in this latest money gathering scheme? It is simply not...
  3. Druk

    Swapping email programs

    I have a friend who uses Outlook and wants to swap to Outlook Express. Is there any (preferably easy) way to transfer all the files and address book from O to OE?
  4. L

    End Programs Question

    I notice now everytime I go to switch off the pc, I get a message ' program not responding' ,above it, it says ' sprtcmd.exe'. When I search for this, 2 files come up. One is a Windows PF file and the other is a Dell help one. What is going wrong? I am on Windows XP. Thanks in anticipation.
  5. television

    MB training programs

    Can someone please give me the link for the training programs I have given it out loads of times, but I cant find it
  6. maxg

    Lost ablity to minimize programs from taskbar

    Lost ability to minimize programs from taskbar. I can maximize fine, win2k running with the latest updates. It started a few weeks ago. I have scanned the computer for virus's and other things nothing is coming up. I have had problems with the mouse as well it started to not select icons on the...
  7. P

    WIS programs

    Is there anyone who has had this program, off ebay and had it work straight out of the box(so to say). I have this program,off ebay and i am having difficulties loading it into my PC. I can get up to the point were it shows a screen were it is asking you to configure the language on the wis...
  8. Roy Newling

    Start > All Programs Third Column

    Is it possible to get a third column under the start > all programs entry. I have more programs than be shown in two columns. :confused:
  9. Goldfish11

    Cancelling TA (Traffic Programs) on Comand DVD (W211)

    One of my latest frustrations is listening to the radio or a CD and then the Traffic program cuts in. To cancel this if it is not in your direct area it seems you have to press any button on the Comand system in the central console. i.e. phone button, mute button, map button etc etc. Is...
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