1. M

    E class (W213) LED projectors fitting, easy..??

    Is it as easy as seen in this video..??
  2. D

    W203 C32 factory frosted Xenons want to swap to crystal projectors but have QUESTIONS

    Hi all I have a 2002 W203 C32 AMG it has the factory Xenon's but in the frosted old style lenses and I really want to change them for a more modern look of crystal projector headlights What I want to know is can I buy the Depo crystal projectors that are halogen but fit them with a H7 HID...
  3. WLeg

    TV Projectors

    Does anyone know of any deals out there ? - HD not necessary, needs to be reasonable on the price...Will be used for TV viewing, not games. What does one need to look for in TV Projectors ?
  4. Bazzle

    Clear Projectors fitted

    Easy swap over. 1/10 Needed an MB adaptor lead as plugs in lights same as post 2000 R170 (rect plug) Mine is pre 2000 (square plug) Ran with the H1's for a few days. Fitted H1 HID 4300 today for a trial Still a nice cut off beam with sharp between beam and cut off:D \________ \________...
  5. altreed

    Xenon Projectors W202

    Shame they didn't bother to post a piccie of a car with some fitted. I have never seen indicators on the main lamp before, a bit BMW 7 series??? Linky linky
  6. c_200k

    bi-xenons projectors

    has anyone in the uk did a frosted headlight change to projector headlight for the use with HID's for the c class w203 if so can anyone tell me where in the uk supplies them and how much the dealer wants along the lines of £500-600 EACH:eek: cheers
  7. A

    URGENT overhead projectors

    My overhead projector has just blowen and I need to replce it (QUICK) the screen size is 5ftsq. In the past I have gone to specialists but this hardly seems worth in now since the 1 lens projector are on the market and in the high street. Anyone know anything about the 1 lens projectors and...
  8. WLeg

    TV Projectors

    Looking for general advice.. best type, what to look for, noise, etc. Will need an 80-inch (diag) screen being projected from about 10-15 foot away. Wll be watching freeview, sky, & DVD.
  9. F

    Cinema Projectors

    Im thinking of joining the 2m+ telly club any advice from anyone? got about 2k for the project.
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