1. R

    Web Page Promotion

    I founded a Facebook page with the humanitarian aid of trying to save somebody's life in the Sudan... The details are religious and political so I wont expand here. I have promoted the page as much as I am able and have now have had 1Million impressions in a couple of weeks. How do I promote the...
  2. Darrell


    After 5 weeks in the job, I have been promoted. I am now a 'surveyor'. The job entails attending peoples homes and taking pictures of damage. This could be from water, fire or whatever. Then going back to the office and pricing the jobs, submitting the estimates to the loss adjuster and then...
  3. Goldfish11

    Mercedes-Benz Winter Wheel & Tyre Promotion 2011

    Just got details from Mercedes Benz of Bedford that the Winter Tyre Promotion has started running. The website is up. Sadly dont have link probably only dealers can view. Prices are excellent - For example for a W204 C Class (My new vehicle). For 4x 16" Mercedes Benz 7 spoke "Pristix"...
  4. Goldfish11

    Costco 20% off Four tyres promo

    Just popped into Costco there bi annual 20% off four tyres promotion starts on Monday 13th June (Finishing on 03/07/11) (They normally do an other promo in December/January time as I bought a set then):thumb: Remember they dont have to be the same 4 tyres so you can buy 1 for one car, 1 for...
  5. C

    MB Sat Nav Promotion

    My parents are thinking of getting a year old C class and were told there is a promotion to get the integrated sat nav system for £850, I understand this is not the complete command system as that has a popup screen and the system offered replaces the standard screen. Can anyone tell me if...
  6. jadefox

    Shameless Promotion!

    My mum has just set up practice in Hypnotherapy and Acupuncture (of the ear, not full body) and she's advertising - I did the ad for her so shamelessly I am posting it here so that if you guys know of anyone in the Kent area who needs some therapy, maybe you could pass it on! :) If you or...
  7. Koolvin

    Power Washer (On Promotion!)

    Power Washer made by nutool? £ 30 off , now £50. LINK: CLICK HERE
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