1. Scott_F

    Proof That Summer Over

    I picked these today next to a nearby footpath. Not a bad haul for June but I'm sure that when I was a child you had to wait until September for them.
  2. L

    DVLA want proof of manufactured date

    Hi all, I imported a 190 Evo II about a year ago and am finally ready to put it on the road. DVLA is making me jump through some hoops though. One of which is that for some reason they have rejected my Portuguese registration document and stated I need to get proof of manufactured date from...
  3. WDB124066

    Bullet proof 1990 420se

    Mercedes-Benz Other 420SE BULLET PROOF 1990 | Trade Me
  4. Druk

    Final proof.

    That some women are completely mad and actually walk among us. I'm getting sick and tired of dinosaurs being forced on our children | Mumsnet Discussion And before you sister sent me it ;)
  5. ioweddie

    Do you need anything proof read?

    A friend of mine who is a very honest person has set up his own proof reading company, I said I would put the details on here just in case any budding authors here need any help. Link to his new website below. Mind The Gap Yes he used to work at London Underground, any helpful comments...
  6. gbjeppm

    Proof of Identity Request by Bank

    All I am sure there are some banking gurus on here, who may be able to help. Yesterday a letter dropped on the doormat, asking for my wife to prove her identity to the bank, as they are "updating their records", requesting she go into a branch with passport etc and proof of address. Now...
  7. The _Don

    20 Practical Uses for Coca-Cola. Proof That It Should Not Be In The Human Body
  8. Steve Holland

    This so called Bullet Proof W202 has blown a Rad.

    Well this long awaited Mercedes owning journey is costing a bloody fortune!!!!! Yesterday evening sitting in traffic and "BANG".............."HISHHHHHHHHHH" ! quick glance at the temp and reads normal just above 80 ??? I think to "myself bugger it a hose has split?" Pull over open bonnet, to...
  9. S

    Proof that you can sell anything on ebay....

    Ok so its not sold yet but I mean,come on,really! chesterfield sofa | eBay
  10. M

    Petrol Price Fixing.. Proof.

    Hi Rob, This is your petrol prices update from Your current settings are to receive e-mail updates weekly. is now also available as an iPhone app: Cheapest stations within 5 miles of KT15 for Unleaded 131.9p Tesco Addlestone Station Road...
  11. H

    Winter Tyres Work -Some Proof

    Useful video showing the benefits of winter tyres: - Video: Winter tyres vs summer tyres - Autoblog UK
  12. jaymanek

    Anyone have time to do some proof reading?

    Hi guys, I am just putting together a new warranty booklet for Mercland, ive read the damn thing what feels like 300 times and now my brain refuses to read it again! I just need someone to have a read and ensure I havent missed any spelling mistakes, punctuation or any other comments...
  13. verytalldave

    Testig bullet proof glass................

    I wonder how many dutiful wives would do this today for their loving husbands ? ? ? ?...............:eek: YouTube - husband tests bullet proof glass with his wife
  14. Benzowner

    Proof of Global warming

    click on the sat cam of the north pole Global Warming
  15. M

    if you ever need proof that money doesnt buy taste

    Mercedes Benz SLR 999 Red Gold Dream truely shocking in everyway imho:crazy:
  16. Y

    W108 need to obtain proof of origin

    just wondered if anyone knew a website where i can obtain information on the manufacture of the w108 vin number 11102612002095 i have seen one website that states all the vin numbers starting 111026 were produced in AV Stuttgart 1971 but i need something more official for uk customs to prove...
  17. gina2201

    Proof that fast food is bad for your health!

  18. E

    Proof that men have better friends

    Friendship among Women: A woman didn't come home one night. The next morning she told her husband that she had slept over at a friend's house. The man called his wife's 10 best friends. None of them knew anything about it. Friendship among Men: A man didn't come home one night. The next...
  19. S

    Bullet Proof Hoodie This is either amusing marketing or a sad reality....
  20. C43AMG

    How to Bullit Proof your W221

    htt:// More specs htt:// Model.html
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