1. G

    Under-bonnet sound proofing

    There's no factory sound-proof kit for W169, so I am looking at DIY options... Most of what I see advertised as under-bonnet sound proofing, comes with aluminium foil top layer, e.g. this: Fire Retardant Self adhesive Foil backed PE Foam Under Car Bonnet 1m x 1m x 8mm | eBay...
  2. D

    soft top maintenance and proofing products

    renovo on of the suppliers of soft top maintenance products help reduce time waisted Renovo ***Black Restore Kit*** Soft Top Canvas Cleaner & Reviver & Ultra Proofer | eBay or just proofing Renovo Vinyl protector 500ml soft top protector ultra proofer | eBay for commerical use in qty 5...
  3. developer

    My M156 Engine Mods - Future Proofing

    My engine now has: 32 off SLS valve tappets 4 off modified cam adjusters 20 off modified head bolts (male head) Just saying :thumb:.
  4. T

    Rust proofing

    I recently had a service on my 2003 E270CDI and it was reported that there was extensive rust showing on the underbody. Before I find myself sitting on the floor can any member recomend a rust treatment service in the Warrington -Chester area . I have read conflicting reports regarding the...
  5. Piff

    Damp proofing floors

    Brother in law & wife have just moved house to a 1960's chalet bungalow. They have found some damp issues & I have investigated. The concrete ground floor does not have a damp proof membrane and it seems that damp proofing was provided by the use of vinyl tiles stuck down with a bitumen based...
  6. M

    Hi, I'm new. Need rust proofing advice.

    Hi all!! I have just got myself a 55 plate Vito, no sign of rust yet but I'm looking to get some sort of protection for the bodywork if possible? What's best treatment for under body/chassis and bodywork? Cheers.
  7. sanj517

    Mercedes 126 420 SE - Bonnet Sound Proofing

    Hi does anybody know in the west london area where I can get this replaced? I have the pad off e-bay but no adhesive or anybody who will fit it.. Help!! Rgds:wallbash:
  8. B

    Underbody rust proofing treatment

    Hi there, Just got my (2003) R230 back from the MB maindealer after some substantial work. I recently bought the car and discovered that the front suspension struts, rear suspension arms and SBC pump all required changing. During the work the dealer discovered that nearly all of the bolts...
  9. 300CE

    Under Bonnet Sound Proofing

    Howdo all! My 300CE underbonnet soundproofing has become manky & is crumbling away. I'm going to clean it all off, however, is it worth replacing myself or getting a company to do it - apparantly it's a bit of a pain to do? I'd appreciate comments from anyone who has done this job themselves...
  10. Kenwin

    S320 CDI sound proofing...

    Although a (very proud) new owner of a (April) 2001 S320 CDI, I find the car disappointingly noisy, especially starting from cold (sounds like a truck!). Can anyone provide advice on better sound proofing?
  11. R

    Rust Proofing Service - any good?

    I take delivery of a 500SE next week (will post pictures etc.) To maintain it's rust free conditition I was contemplating using this company. Rubbish website but they are booked up a long way ahead. Has anyone used them or a company offering a similar...
  12. IMD

    W124 Bonnet Sound Proofing foam - replacement possible?

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone knows whether the sound proffing foam that is attached to the underside of the W124 bonnet is available to purchase? All 3 of my 124s have eaten their foam over the years, with nothing left on either, except a few delicate pieces hanging on! Is is possible to get...
  13. S

    Professional Rust Proofing

    Anyone use this lot? It looks like a good preventative measure to protect against rot.
  14. S

    Engine sound proofing

    My B class engine (diesel) has started to sound noisey and 'rattley', i'm thinking of getting the engine bay soundproofed, anyone got any experience of the products on offer and do they work? Thanks
  15. M

    Sound proofing

    A strange one this but I wondered if anyone had any advice. I am refurbishing a new office and unfortunately my room will be next to the gents! For obvious reasons I want to ensure that no sound can be heard in the gents from my room ie private (managerial type) conversations in my room...
  16. pluggers

    Sound proofing

    Has anybody ever tried to soundproof under the bonnet, if so what material did you use and was it any good,As I am thinking of doing this to mine shortly because at the moment I haven't got anything.I just want to try and make things sound a little quieter for day to day running.cheers:D
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