1. Cymruambyth

    First proper drive.

    I`ve finally picked the car up and driven 60 miles home. Took another 15 to a mates house and then back home. First thing, fuelled up....could only fill to halfway before it started clicking...odd. Anyway, the drive. Set seat up, sorted climate, found radio station and off to go. I...
  2. CLSMark

    Watching proper Top Gear (Grosser episode)

    Being a MB newbie I'm swatting up on all thing Benz. I've fallen in love with Jezza's 600 Grosser Has anybody in here owned one, been in one? They look incredible. Incidentally looks like it's off road. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. J

    2016 AMG E63 S four-wheel drive and drift mode, but is the new E63 S a proper AMG?

    Evo PistonHeads
  4. merc85

    Melanite Black e55k Gets a proper detail

    Well spent all day on her, AutoGlym Ph neutral wash, Polished with Mer Ulitmate Series finished off with the Buffer then a Meg's Ultimate Gold class wax on top. Engine bay was Ultimate polish on the slam panel, Simoniz Jet black coating, and Autosol on the AMG logo.
  5. S

    Some proper pics of my new car....

    I know a few have asked but it's very yawn anyway! :D
  6. D

    Last of the proper AMG's

    1995 MERCEDES C36 AMG AUTO SILVER W202 C43 E36 E55 | eBay Loved mine, still miss it, and if I had the space I'd buy another, a great car that would be perfect with a getrag 'box.
  7. Grovsie31

    Got a proper C55 this time!

    Hey all, well I went a total of 24 hours without a C55 over the weekend. Hehe. Managed to pick up Joe's old Black C55, and first impressions are its what I should of waited for in the first place, I love it! Suspension is brilliant, inspires more confidence in the corners. And it looks a lot...
  8. I

    Proper advert, proper car - W126 Ebay US

    Mercedes Benz 300 Series 300SEL | eBay If it was Burgundy Tex or Leather I'd be double-drooling! Good lesson on how to take a few images! Cheers, Paul
  9. W4E300

    Proper truck.....

    Just seen this AV wagon at a Trade Show in Frankfurt - a proper "go anywhere" mobile projection room for outdoor cinema events..... Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  10. merc85

    Top Gear, Proper car vs Beetle n posh fiat

    Heads up TOP GEAR BBC three Proper car vs beetle and a posh fiat lol
  11. Druk

    Proper Flu. Or what?

    So the story goes: Wed 25th afternoon past started feeling weak/sore all over. Come the evening this developed into occasional reflex jerks (like a caricature of Parkinson's). Very uncomfortable especially holding a bowlful of mandarins and custard. :eek: Turned in at 9pm and woke at...
  12. Howard

    Proper AMG

    :cool: Mercedes W123 280E AMG LS III Original in in Elsdorf | eBay
  13. Charles Morgan

    Proper Tea for MOCAS

    One has a Mr Mocas turning up for a cup of rosie lee (One gathers this is what they call it) soon and one wondered what the collective wisdom of the board should be as to the appropriate tea to serve? Mug? One does feel the obligation to put him at his ease, but obviously one wouldn't wish to...
  14. JohnEclass

    Proper Clean

    So today the sun came out again....only one thing for it the W211 gets a deep clean:D Jet wash Sprayed with Surfex HD 1 in 10 diluted and left to dwell for 5 mins Jetwash Snowfoam Jetwash Hand wash with microfibre cloth and shampoo...bad lad only 1 bucket!:eek: Pat dry with microfibre...
  15. Charles Morgan

    Proper car rallying (apart from a BMW)

    Wonderful sequence of classics being driven at speed at a tough corner, some of which do actually make it round! POD3-ZAH6ck&sns=fb
  16. M

    Making proper use of my Sunday!

    Hi all Just thought I'd share some pictures of my W211 after it was washed, clayed, polished with SRP followed by a couple if coats of Meguire's Liquid Gold and finished off with a gloss seal. Thank god it's going to be a dry sunny week so I can at least enjoy the car before it ends up filthy...
  17. R

    Go for a proper drive!

    I'm getting R2 ready today for a proper drive ie. about 2000 miles :) Tomorrow we will do the 500 miles from Kent to Stirling by what ever route Comand says is quickest. Then the next day we will start the route below. Once we get back to Fife we will do trips out to North Berwick...
  18. Jay Jenner

    Thats it i am now a proper merc owner :)

    Today i bought a very nice 2004 c270 cdi avantgarde in black with just over 100k on the clock pics will follow when i have had chance to give it a full wash and polish :)
  19. R

    Proper pictures of the new girl.

    1 week old and I've finally given the car some much needed TLC with a lovely coat of SwissVax "Best of Show" - many thanks to Steve of Mirror Finish for turning up on such a horrible morning and keeping the faith that the sun would eventually appear long enough to put on some wax! Here are...
  20. W

    How to ensure proper accident repair

    Having fitted winter tyres to my wifes Tiguan, a lady came round a bend (without suitably shod wheels) hit a slippery bit and slamed head-on into the Tiguan. Both ladies are ok (whiplash, bruising etc.) but cars badly smashed. The Tiguan has all the front (radiators etc.) pushed hard back round...
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