1. A

    Private Road query - issue with neighbouring property

    Any property law experts (or pointers to anyone that is knowledgeable in this area)? The road that we live in a private road (not maintained by the council). A neighbouring property has just applied to the council to relocate their vehicular access from the main road and into our road. This...
  2. scumbag

    Self Catering property advice

    So we have flat in Oban, which we used to let, however now that I can spend some time here, we are planning on making it a self catering apartment so we can block time off when we want to use it. I have never let the property out for self catering before and have no expertise in this area...
  3. John

    Property rental question.

    So I have a colleague at work who rents a place. He had a year contract and this is coming to an end. The agency are requesting a new contract and are charging an admin fee of £200 with an additional rent price of £25 per month on top of the existing rent. I would guess this is a...
  4. guydewdney

    Greek property, anyone knowledgeable?

    an aquaintance of mine bought a small valley and beach in corfu ?20 years ago for 8 grand. legally obtained planning permission for a house. built recently to first fix. since the shennanigans in Greece mean that she has had her planning permission revoked (!) and she cannot sell without...
  5. Satch

    Property question

    Various reasons behind this but the time has come to ship children out to a property of their own. No1 is recently graduated and not earning a great deal but is doing something that he wants to do and is obtaining some very good experience in the process. No.2 is still a sponging soap dodging...
  6. abecketts

    Scottish Private Property Landlords

    Hi, If any one is active in the Scottish buy to let market specifically Glasgow could they PM me. Thanks Paul
  7. M

    How much to offer on property?

    Im looking to purchase a residential property to live in. It's on the market for £254k. The last sale was at £230k some years ago. What would be a sensible offer? Thanks
  8. M

    Property prices...up or down?

    I'm looking to buy a property to live in, in the next 12 months but unsure if I should wait for a bubble to burst.. Personally I feel the current rate of property price increase can't be sustained and there will be a crash of some degree sooner rather than later within the year.. But I am no...
  9. W

    Investing in property?

    Hi Gang, Just after a bit of advice from the collective wisdom on here. Am looking at options with regards to property/finances etc. I'm quite happy where I am, have a pretty normal 3-bed house in Surrey. I've been chipping away at the mortgage heavily these last few years and I guess...
  10. tali

    £100 in London property

    "This interactive map by property website Find Properly looks at the cost for postcode districts in the capital, powered by a database of London houses and flats. The map also gives some useful reference points for size - for example, £100 in SW3 will only buy you 0.05 square feet, roughly the...
  11. The _Don

    Super-rich Indians buy up £1BILLION worth of luxury property in London's Mayfair
  12. developer

    Funny Thing This Property Game

    Him: I'm ringing about the flat. Me: Sorry, it's gone. Him: But I need somewhere urgently. Alarm bells ring. Me: Why's that, if you don't mind me asking? Him: I'm being evicted in 3 weeks Me: Ok, can I ask why? Him: Rent arrears. Me: But I wouldn't take you with rent arrears, and I'd...
  13. developer

    I'm all for a bit of property modernism and solar but:

    ...aesthetics need to be considered too :crazy:.
  14. developer

    One For The Property Investors

    Job number one - skip hire :crazy:. Squalid Birmingham house for sale for un-tidy sum of £115k: ?These are my palaces" says property investor - Birmingham Mail
  15. guydewdney

    robust kitchen doors for rental property?

    oh the joys of buying on tinternet.... Need approx 20 kitchen doors etc to spruce up aging kitchen in bristol. Place goes for 1400pcm to give you an idea of quality req'd. 3 bed flat. Doors appear to be a standard size. Suggestions appreciated for where to get reasonable price doors...
  16. developer

    Stagnant Property Market - Yeah Right

    So I turned up at a single property auction today - you know the type, one at the premises. Matching Range Rover Sports X5 Cayenne and E Coupe Maserati All for this
  17. Faceliftw211

    Property Maintenance Advice

    Hi Guys, wondering if anyone can advise a cause/solution. I have a first floor (top floor)flat rented out and for the last 3 years I have had tenants complain of damp and mould appearing in the top corners of various room's walls and ceilings, but only on outside walls. This started the winter...
  18. Koolvin

    Solicitors that deal with property law needed

    I won't go into too much detail here but I urgently need to engage someone in a serious matter. Any property legal eagles here ? Please PM me. Thanks, Vin.
  19. Dieselman

    Commercial/industrial property letting

    Is there anyone on here can shed light on the buoyancy of the commercial/industrial properly letting market. While we are discussing this, what about the house rental market?
  20. balge

    Land Registry

    Hi anyone know what the Land Registry requires in the way of documentation to change the ownership details on a plot of land? Had a scan round their webpage but couldn't see anything useful... cheers
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