1. The Boss

    My Marriage Proposal vids

    Gents/Ladies... hope you are all well. Here are some vids edited up of my proposal.. First vid is the 2 day build up to it and the Second vid is the proposal and aftermath... enjoy... 7q4NyRdROH4 f5BASeL18k0
  2. R

    Proposal to lower speed limit on A roads

    Report in The Times and other media today. Personally I think it should be Headlined: 'Plan to reduce Road Deaths by 30%' but they know that their headline will get more response.
  3. crockers

    proposal to remove irregular verbs

    Heard on the radio that there is a proposal to remove irregular verbs from the language and make them all regular.....just because that the way many kids now talk... Any views ?:( I personally hate the idea - but accept that the english language is a living language but even double...
  4. Jukie

    HELP - How to write a proposal

    Just found out I'm attending an interview later this week and there's going to be some written tests. These include writing a business proposal of some sort. I've never written one or even seen one!! Does anyone have a sample one they could send to me? Or provide any guidance? Can't find much...
  5. GrahamC230K

    New Points Proposal
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