1. st13phil

    Increased Sanctions Proposed for Mobile Phone Use

    According to the BBC, here. While I have no problem with the prohibition of hand-held mobile phone use while driving, the issue is not one of what size the sanction is but how likely an offender is to be caught. With the lack of Police patrols, the answer to that question is "precious little...
  2. A

    Proposed purchase CLK 200 convertible (reg.05)

    Dear All, After many months of pondering over what my second car would be, I have decided to go for one on display of my local MB dealer, a CLK 200 Kompressor convertible (reg.05). Price around the £10k mark. The car is in very good condition all round and seems to be ticking all the boxes for...
  3. R

    Spring time proposed mods

    Sorting out my office, which is currently looking more like a Mercedes store room, thought i,d share the picture of some of my mods lined up for the springtime, theres a fuel line and larger injectors, still stuck in the U.S, but this is the main content here;
  4. grober

    Proposed changes to the MOT Test.

    Unashamed lifted from the AUTO Express article which poses some interesting questions. MoT shake-up announced | News | Auto Express A possible two-year MoT test is a step closer after plans to change the current annual system, in place since the 1960s. The change would bring the UK into...
  5. trapperjohn

    Proposed GTG Cheshire. Tuesday 9th of November.

    Ringway and I were having a natter and decided it would be good if we could have a final pint and some food before the festering season kicks in (he unfortunately cannot make Sheffield now) So I was up for a meet down his way. Anyone fancy joining us. The above day, at say, 7.30ish and by the...
  6. verytalldave

    Proposed design for new England badge

    I quite like it..................
  7. M

    Left turns at red lights proposed

    "Motorists could be permitted to turn left at red traffic lights under proposals drawn up by the Conservatives to cut Britain's traffic congestion. They would be able to cross a red light and turn left if the road is clear. The idea is based on practice in some States in the US where drivers are...
  8. glojo

    Proposed Very far South GTG

    For those that very kindly made the long journey can you remember the horrible bushes\tree's that blocked part of my sea views? Well after much suffering, sickness, fainting and sleepless nights all caused by the pain of cutting down tree's with my little chainsaw, I am finally getting...
  9. Ian B Walker

    Proposed Very far South GTG

    I have been thinking recently about this Forum and what people contribute. There are some really good contributors here who get to meet up at GTG's. With one exemtion. John In Torquay. Because of his restrictions on movement he is unable to come to our gatherings. So peeps, he cant come to us...
  10. Pietre

    OK Here Goes Nothing, Proposed GTG

    I make no promises, but, if I can arrange a meet and a visit to Williams F1 in Grove, nr Oxford, who would be interested. A friend of mine works there and they have an open day for families and friends, so I can enquire if they are prepared to open their doors for us as a club visit. I think Sir...
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