1. -AJC-

    Wanted - ML W164 Rear Propshaft

    Desperately need a replacement rear propshaft for my 2006 ML 320 CDI. The car is fitted with the off-road package and consequently the propshaft is approx 60mm shorter than standard. The correct part number is A1644101502, which has since been superseded by A1644103202. If you have one...
  2. carat 3.6

    WANTED: W124 320 propshaft

    Hi all, If anyone is breaking a 320 saloon or estate, I'm looking for the rear propshaft section. I managed to twist the one on the turbo diesel! :eek: Please get in touch if you can help. :thumb:
  3. Adeinfrance

    Noisy propshaft

    Hi all. This isn't a Mercedes related question but I thought the mechanics amongst you may be able to confirm something for me. The propshaft on my Navara D40 double cab has started making a loud metallic click each time drive or reverse is selected, and sometimes whilst braking at a roundabout...
  4. MC63CLK

    Carbon Propshaft and Driveshafts CLK C class

    Managed to blow my driveshaft :( Has anyone ventured into carbon shafts Weistec or other? I don't need much of an excuse to go shopping in California. Cheers Mike
  5. H

    W211 Propshaft

    Hi I have heard a small clunk below gear lever and have put it up on the ramp, all I feel is a small amount of movement in front section of prop . Can the bushing in each end of shaft wear ? 2007 E class 116000 miles.:confused:
  6. legonutter

    W203 torque specs for propshaft coupings

    Need these specs asap anyome know what they are?
  7. alan1304

    W202 Propshaft Flexi Discs

    Hi guys. Just a quick one. I have got to change the propshaft centre bearing on my 1998 C180 Esprit Auto. I went to North Wales and back a month ago (nearly 1000 miles in a week) with no problems whatsoever. I checked the flexi discs before I went and they were fine but there is some wear in...
  8. A

    'Rear propshaft coupling is split requires replacing'

    I recently bought an SL55. I am reading the last garage bill that came with car, under recommendations this was stated so it has not been replaced. What is this? and how is it effecting my car currently? and how much does it cost. Thank you.
  9. M

    w208 propshaft bushing

    Hi I noticed while changing the rear flexi disc that the centre bushing that locates on to the rear differential is needing replaced. Does any one know how to change one of these? I need my car for work and cannot afford to have it off the road for longer than a weekend. Any information on...
  10. B

    propshaft flex joint part No.

    I have a 1993 mercedes 300ce sportline auto....I need a propshaft flex joint front position.....I can get the part online but need the part number, how can I get the Number without taking it off the car?
  11. I

    Mercedes Sprinter 2008 propshaft

    I have a Mercedes Sprinter 211 m.w.b. 2008 and I need to replace the propshaft. Can any one tell me if it's ok to fit a propshaft from a 311 or 313 m.w.b. of the same age?
  12. P

    How many propshaft "donuts" (Flexi things?)

    Looking at buying flexi donut for the CLK 320 2003. Euro Car Parts says it fits the front and back??? Does that mean I need 2 to do a full "refurb"? Thanks
  13. V

    W220 Propshaft balancing?

    Hello all Been having a rather annoying vibration in my car for the last year or so that usually only tends to happen between 60-80mph. Anything below or above was fine. Naturally i thought the wheels would need balancing, so after doing them and not resolving the problem iv replaced the tyres...
  14. E

    Propshaft Donut

    W210 300td saloon 1998 Do you need to remove the exhaust and center bearing to change the propshaft donut or can it just be separated at the differential. Many thanks EMH
  15. Danny DeVito

    Propshaft repair tool

    Anybody use them or need them ? Enco brand 22mm and 27mm for vw lt only
  16. babyblueCE

    Propshaft coupling 124

    Hello. I am due to change my front propshaft coupling tomorrow and before I start it states in the Haynes manual that I need to remove the whole shaft just to change the front coupling. Is there anyway I can change the front coupling without having to remove the shaft or do I need to remove the...
  17. M

    e55 w210 propshaft bearing

    Hi guys, Do you know if the propshaft centre bearing is the same as the rest of the 210 range or is the AMG different?
  18. M

    Center propshaft bearing retailers ??

    Hi Guys, any one have any ideas on a good place to buy a Sprinter propshaft bearing other that Ebay or the main dealer Thanks
  19. M

    Sprinter Center propshaft bearing

    Hi guys, Got some vibration around 50 mph on my sprinter 2007 (MWB) which I am presuming is the center bearing Can any one tell me a good place to order one, searched around but the choices seem to be ebay which at the prices can't imagine them being up to much and MB dealer ship at around...
  20. O

    Prop-shaft Bearing replacement...

    Hi All, For the Prop-shaft bearing replacement, does the whole shaft need to be taken away or just one section, the front or the rear need to be out? Thank you. Olivier
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